This Is Why 'Dance Moms' Nia Is Amazing

During the most recent season, Dance Moms star Nia established herself as a pop star on the rise. Although tensions ran high in the dance studio this year, Nia competed in the solo division at Nationals for the very first time. Her music skipped a full thirty seconds, but she handled it like a pro. And, of course she did. After all, judging only by videos and GIFs of Nia dancing, she's a world-class pro. It was disappointing to see her beautiful performance get cut short, but her second place finish was impressive considering the musical malfunction and the fact that she was under insane pressure since Abby had made clear that she wasn't thrilled about Nia being a soloist. Plus, it was a tough competition — the group dance and pre-teen soloist Maddie Ziegler were considered shoo-ins for first place, but the ALDC placed second in both those categories as well.

Nia's career thrived this season, and it was exciting to see this talented girl have the opportunity to shine during competitions as the season came to an end. Nia's onstage attitude and facial expressions complement her strengths as a dancer perfectly. I really hope we get to see more solos from Nia in Season 6, because when she's given the right dance style, she's perfectly capable of bringing home medals. She's definitely a force to be reckoned with as evidenced by footage of her performances.

1. Her "Star In Your Own Life" Video

Nia's a star in her own life and to the world. Her music video already has 4 million views on YouTube — not too shabby!

2. Her Leaps Are Amazing

Nia's one of the most powerful dancers on the Dance Moms team.

3. The Solo That Won Her A Spot At Nationals

Both her dancing and her stage presence were amazing during this performance, and her first place finish was well-deserved.

4. Can We Get #NiaFace Trending?

Her facial expressions are on point.

5. Her Nationals Solo

One word: BRAVO!

6. She Looks Awesome In A Duet

...and really all the time.

7. Her "Goodbye Maya" Solo (Season 4)

This is one of my all-time favorite Dance Moms solos. It's a unique performance that intersperses amazing dancing with inspiring dialogue. The "Stay Strong" message suits Nia perfectly, because that's exactly what she's done. She's waited patiently for her time to shine; now that it's here, she's rightfully getting to showcase her talents for the world to see.

Images: fraziercrazier (2), lifetimetv/Tumblr; Karolina Wojtasik/Lifetime