Will Austin & Liz Date Outside The 'BB17' House?

by Kadeen Griffiths

I guess some of us can now rest easy... or, well, easier, now that we know that we don't have a Caleb and Amber situation going on in Big Brother 17. To be honest, Austin's crush on Liz on BB17 has been steadily creeping me out over the course of the season, but it seems lately that his feelings are being reciprocated for more than just game purposes. He still creeps me out, but less so now. Since Austin seems to be planning an entire future for himself and Liz, especially one in which they're at Jury House away from prying cameras, there's got to be one question on everyone's minds: will Austin and Liz date outside of the Big Brother house? Yeah, I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. Even now, Austin is way more into Liz than Liz is into him.

Let's look at the game first, for example. While Liz is loyal to Austin and has protected him even from Julia in this game, it's still an undeniable fact that her loyalty is to her twin even over him. The only reason Liz's affections for Austin have progressed this far is because she managed to talk herself out of believing that Austin would ever tell anyone that he would let them target Julia to keep Liz safe, because that would "hurt her." Um, OK, Liz. Even when Julia got worried that Liz was taking her eyes off the prize and seeing what she wanted to see when it came to Austin, Liz reassured her twin that their sibling bond came above any showmance.

Meanwhile, Austin has been clear from the start about how much he adores Liz, how much he doesn't adore Julia, and how he would sacrifice everything in this game for love. Which, OK, Austin. I know you're a wrestler and could probably make the money back eventually, but I've never seen a group of people less concerned that they are here to win a half-million dollars when they could instead be making kissy faces at each other and acting like they're on vacation. Austin is a very passionate guy who has fallen fast and hard for Liz, but Liz doesn't seem like a very passionate girl. She's more casual and fun, and that's going to cause problems in their relationship down the road. Just like Julia hating him is going to cause problems in their relationship down the road.

If they tried to make it work outside of the house, I have no doubt that the two would crash and burn really quickly. Austin seems like that guy who texts you several times a day to ask why you haven't replied to his first text yet, and I feel like Liz would soon chafe under being the sole focus of his attentions in the real world when there are more options of guys she can flirt with than just him. And we've already seen what comes of Austin's jealous streak; Jeff can tell you all about that. And that happened before Liz even decided that she liked him! Imagine if they were in an actual relationship!

I could also do with a lot less of that, thanks. Will Austin and Liz date outside the Big Brother house? Austin is about to get his heart broken when he realizes how unlikely that really is. And should they date outside the Big Brother house? The answer is a huge no.

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Image: CBS