Is Lady Gaga Trying Out Looks For Her Wedding?

When you are a celeb known for your outrageous fashion sense, it stands to reason that your adoring public will be taken aback whenever you dial it down for a fancy Hollywood event. Lady Gaga's wore a wedding-like dress (a cream-colored Vivienne Westwood gown, to be precise) to present at an HFPA event. The choice makes sense, since she is currently prepping for her eventual nuptials with her fiancé, Taylor Kinney. But it was also — dare I say? — shockingly normal.

I like this version of Gaga. You know, sometimes being daring with clothing choices can come across as crazy just for the sake of being crazy. She is certainly unafraid to be as out there as possible, and while I love her for that, it's refreshing to see her try out another look. When she dials it down and does something demure and soft, like this cloud-like frock, it really highlights her natural beauty and her impeccable taste.

At first, I thought the look was boring for the pop star. Then I composed myself and realized that the dress look absolutely divine on her. Even if it's not her usual style, it's totally OK for Gaga to wear something that is just... pretty. She's been rocking real girl, vintage rock tee style all summer long and it's worked for her.

But what about this dress? The column shape and off-white color are hardly fashion Ambien, IMO. It's full, frothy, and reminds me of a cloud.

It's gorgeous. Of course Gaga kept things "Gagafied" with her ghostly presentation, including white eye shadow and white blonde hair. But notice how her soft waves flow just like the shape of the dress? It's a beautiful and continuous loop.

Being wrapped in Westwood is never a bad thing.

I think Mother Monster should opt for this sort of chic sheath and shape for her actual wedding. I know, I know. When it was rumored that Gaga hired Vera Wang to design her wedding dress, I was conflicted, thinking it could end up being safe, snoozy, boring, and easy to copy at mass market.

I've had a bit of a change of heart here. At least for today. Here's why.

All eyes will be on Gaga when she weds and her Little Monsters and fashion critics will be expecting her to wear a dress made of live doves and albino pythons co-existing harmoniously for the sake of fashion.

But I think something eternally classic and beautiful — and most importantly, customized— is acceptable! The dress could be crazily accentuated by "out there" hair and makeup. It'd surprise people and be memorable if she didn't attempt to be shocking!

BTW, Gaga has been killing it with white dresses this year. Her Oscar Alaia gown was stunning.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her performance dress also had serious flow. It was so confectionary.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

See? Classic and beautiful doesn't need to mean safe and boring. Gaga has been proving that with her white dresses in 2015. It feels like this will all lead up to her march down that aisle to meet Taylor Kinney — aka the future Lord Gaga.