Ariana's Onesie Is Actually Quite Practical

Airport style is a constant conundrum for travelers, both celebs who have the paparazzi chasing them and fashion conscious civilians who care about how they dress in any situation. You don't want to look sloppy, but comfort is key. Ariana Grande wore a unicorn onesie at the airport in Tokyo, proving that you don't have to sacrifice comfort to have a fashionable travel experience. In fact, for an outfit to sleep in on a long flight, it's pretty close to perfect.

The pop queen accessorized the onesie with a fun hairstyle (two mini buns atop her head) and her usual patent leather heels. Heels with a onesie? Talk about an amazing combo.

No matter what your personal style is, this onesie look proves that you should always do you. And while I personally simply can't back velour tracksuits as airport attire — see Kendall Jenner's Forever 21 overalls for a clinic in comfortable chic that's travel-appropriate — at least Ari's ensemble was as cute as it was cozy and comfy. I mean, how can you really argue with a onesie? It's just too adorable.

Plane blankets are so scratchy and rough. Who wouldn't want to wrap herself in a deliciously soft onesie instead?

Those heels are dangerously high, but the pink plush looks so warm and fuzzy.

I would want to be in a onesie for an international flight, as well.

Take it all in! See, unicorns are real. Remember when Grande jammed out in her jammies with Miley Cyrus? Onesies definitely making a comeback.

Check out Grande's buns, too! Those things must be able to communicate with life on other planets, don't you think?

Oh, and if you want to grab a unicorn onesie as a sleep outfit for your next transoceanic flight, well, here's an option. It can double as your Halloween costume, too.

The horn! Those feet! I want one. There are plenty of cosplay costumes that double as sleep outfits on Amazon. I love a multi-tasking outfit, like this Molly Summer Animal Sleepsuit. The slippers are sold separately, BTW.

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Images: Courtesy Brands