Samsung Launches A New Smartwatch Campaign

by Kali Borovic

Combining fashion and technology is no easy feat, but Samsung smartwatch Gear's fashion campaign is giving wearable technology a stylish twist. After the announcement of the new Gear S2 Smartwatch, the company released a lookbook showing of their sleek new look with bold colors and beautiful models. Instead of just giving you their products, they're showing you how to wear them, and, as surprising as the fashion shoot is, the new technology is worth a second glance.

Samsung's lookbook is filled with edgy makeup, futuristic outfits, and bright pops of color. Oh yeah, and its new technology. Starting off in black and white and slowly revealing more and more color as the virtual pages turn, the lookbook almost makes you forget that you're looking at phones. The book has pages in the middle highlighting how the fashion and technology all comes into one. After taking a closer look, you'll be convinced that this is the perfect watch and phone for a fashionista.

Using big names in fashion like Bella Hadid, the company is able to target its fashion-forward followers to jump on board with the updated designs. Samsung calls its new products "a true force in fashion" and plays on the constantly changing fashion world with its also-changing technology. Your phone may have just became your greatest accessory.

Although you'll have to wait until September to get your hands on the fashionable pieces, there's no need to wonder what they will look like. With a sleek, minimalist approach to design, the Gear smartwatch looks almost identical to an everyday watch.

Sticking to its modern twist on a classic, Samsung uses the much-loved red lip and sleek designs to reflect how its styles are advancing. But this isn't the first time that Samsung has tried to marry fashion and technology. It's tried different designs when it came to wearable technology, and although the technology has been impressive, the silicone look was far from fashionable.

With a new approach and a more wearable design, Samsung just might have something with its newest creation.

Images: Samsung