11 Outdated Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet Looks That Show How Much Our Favorite Stars Have Grown

With the Teen Choice Awards approaching, it's almost impossible not to think about the past looks that influenced pre-teen wardrobes all across the country. The most outdated Teen Choice Awards outfits are worth taking a look at if for no other reason than to see how far some teens (now adults) have come in terms of style. The award show was every teen's warm-up for the more glamorous red carpet events, after all.

A mix between the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards and the MTV VMAs, the awards are devoted to the year's biggest movies, music, television, and fashion, all voted on by teens. Whereas the soon-to-be adults might have a great handle on their choices of favorite movie or TV show of the season, the celebs walking the red carpet are still trying to figure out their best sense of style. I don't know if it's the unconventional surfboard trophies or the bright colors, but the most outdated fashion by far comes from this one.

Many of our favorite celebrities today started out on this very red carpet, and their outfits from the past show just how far they've grown. If only they could go back in time and give themselves a piece of fashionable advice. From long-lost accessories to clothing combinations that will make you scratch your head in confusion, these outfits are proof that not every star started off stylish. All great fashion repeats itself, but these are nine outfits that I can guarantee won't walk the red carpet again.

1. Hayden Panettiere's Sparkly Top - 2005

With her long, shiny top and dangle earrings paired with jeans and an awkwardly pointed shoe, I can pretty much guarantee that this outdated look will never walk to runway again.

2. Chris Pratt's Hat - 2004

He may look cool now, but back in the day he was rocking a polo and newsboy cap down the red carpet. Also, why was he not cast as Shaggy in any of the Scooby-Doo movies?

3. Miley's Cyrus's Polka Dots - 2006

Her color choice and cut of her top makes this look super outdated, but I've seen her wear crazier things [even now] SINCE.

4. Britney Spears's Tied Top - 2002

I'm willing to bet that we'll never see the tied-top look that Spears perfected in her Baby One More Time video ever again.

5. JoJo's Sneakers - 2004

Pretty meets punk in her bright and bold look, but those shoes will LIKELY never be stylish again.

6. Nick & Aaron Carter's Uh... Everything - 2001

None of this will work ever again. Actually, I'm not even completely sure that it worked at the time.

7. Sandra Bullock's Belt - 2006

The combination of the oversized belt and weird white on white, off-shoulder shirt puts this fashion in the past.

8. Jessica Alba's Jeans - 2003

It's hard to imagine that these oversized jeans led the way to Alba becoming a well-respected CEO.

9. Emma Robert's Flip Flops - 2005

Yes, those are bright pink flip flops with bows and fake diamonds on them. Please take a closer look.