Is JJ Lane From 'Bachelor In Paradise' Single?

Whether you love or hate JJ Lane you can say this for him: He is not as bad as Joe. In fact, with his crazy-alarming antics, Joe moved JJ out of the top spot as Bachelor in Paradise villain and safely into the "he's not so bad once you get to know him" spot. Personally, I don't think he's a terrible guy, so, yes, I am rooting for JJ to find love, and I was thinking he may have had a shot with Tenley. Sure, she only agreed to go out with him because everyone coupled up in Paradise super fast and she was desperate to get that rose (not Mikey desperate, but still doing everything she could). Now, of course, Tenly is a hot commodity, with a full blown love-square going on and JJ seems to have been shuffled to the bottom of the list. This got me wondering, is JJ single after Bachelor in Paradise? Or did he hit it off with one of the incoming contestants? Or, horror of horrors, was JJ dating someone before he even came on Bachelor in Paradise ?

Lauren I. proved that you can be dating someone off the show and still show up in Paradise, so really nothing is off limits, I guess. So, I did a little digging, and, rest assured, I am pretty confident that JJ is single, and actually looking for love on the show. Here's what his Instagram has to say about the matter.

His Daughter Is The Center Of His Life

And no wonder! She is crazy cute, and his Instagram is largely taken up by them being adorable. Rather than pics of him and a special someone, it's full of his little girl. It also shows a super sweet, softer side of JJ that is not displayed on the show all that often.

He Doesn't Have A Red Carpet Buddy

Here he is doing promotion/hanging out with his fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestants. No sign of him bringing a date to any of these events.

His Bros Come Before Any Ladies

Just hanging out catching a show with a couple of Bachelor-bros. He clearly made friends on the shows, if not a love match.

He Still Has Kaitlyn Pictures

Yeah, the hashtags are questionable at best. But, I think if he had a lady in his life he might be more motivated to take these down.

He's Keeping It Light

I like that he jokes about being the villain! You need a sense of humor for reality TV, and for an eventual romance.

He's Doing Him

Between show filming and promotion for it, I don't even think he has time to date! Unless he meets someone in Paradise that is. My fingers are crossed.

Images: Bob D’Amico/ABC