21 Of Felicity Hayward's Most Inspiring Looks

When ultimate bombshell and plus size model Felicity Hayward became ASOS' first Curve stylist last year, I screamed with joy for about five days. Hayward is everything I aspire to be when it comes to all things sartorial, from her blonde pinup looks to her plus size, body positive style. It's not just that Hayward is fearless. It's that she's beautiful and she knows it.

Not only does Hayward dress cool AF, but she genuinely is cool AF. She's outspoken about plus size issues and has brought a certain freshness to ASOS Curve that's helped make it one of the best plus size clothing brands out there. Hayward's styling and modeling work isn't just great to look at, but it's fabulous inspiration for fuller-figured women who love original looks.

Felicity Hayward's own style ranges from retro glamour to airport comfort chic. Personally, I can't believe it's been an entire year since the plus size superstar got hired by ASOS Curve, but I hope it isn't the only anniversary that she celebrates with the retailer. As we anticipate the Gabi Gregg-modeled ASOS Curve fall collection and drool over all the '70s sequins in our future, we can spend some time scrapbooking Hayward's best outfits and contemplating which would be the best to recreate.

1. Citrus Summer Style

Here, Hayward is breaking one of the stupid style rules we're taught in elementary school: Orange and pink don't match. Her bright outfit would look super cute on its own, but the added touch of an orange bag really brings the look together.

2. I Heart Tassels

This Skinny Dip x Felicity Hayward clutch is only $55 and matches with her too cool tassel-lined jumpsuit. This look is priceless.

3. "Who Said Curvy Girls Couldn't Wear Shorts?"

Whoever set rules for plus size styling would be sent running for the hills by Felicity Hayward's Instagram. She breaks all the rules and looks fabulous while doing it.

4. A Thong Once Owned By Prince

This is what I want to be wearing whenever I run into any of my exes. The look is everything!

5. Holiday Vibes

This look totally gives me Lana Del Rey realness. I'm half expecting Hayward to pull a gun from behind her back and shoot down a helicopter.

6. Pink Holiday Vibes

You can never go wrong with all pink everything (plus a gold beach bag, of course).

7. A Gold-Sequined Gown

As a huge advocate for Ru Paul's Drag Race and a lifelong lover of all things drag, being able to pull off a floor-length sequin dress is definitely on my bucket list. Hayward rocking the look definitely helps me think that maybe one day I can too.

8. Fruity, Fabulous, & Felicity Shoes

Of course Felicity Hayward has shoes with her name on them, duh. The return of a fruity purse really works with her brilliantly bright dress as well.

9. A Sequined Jumpsuit

Um, tell me again why I don't I own this.

10. Airport Chic

I'm a month away from my first flight in three years and my first long haul flight in seven years. Hayward is giving me so much inspo on how to travel in style and comfort.

11. Shake What Your Stylist Gave You

These flapper sequins on a bodycon dress make moving about 10 times more fun than it usually is.

12. Shania Twain Power Suit

If you're going to wear a power suit, why not make it leopard print?

13. Four Felicity's Are Better Than One

I don't think I know anybody who rocks a jumpsuit as well as Felicity Hayward and the pastel blue shade of this particular piece looks especially stunning.

14. Summer Lovin', Had Me A Blast

This is what a 2015 Sandra Dee would look like.

15. Pajama Day Becomes Serious Street Style

My PJs consist of a snotty Prince T-shirt and shorts from when I was 12 or 13. Hayward looks ready to hit the catwalk in her comfy-chic look.

16. Tassel Time!

This is a more out-of-the-ordinary tassel placement, but it's still perfection.

17. Classic Beauty

How can I bring elbow length, feather-lined gloves into my everyday wardrobe?

18. Rainbow Realness

It's the ultimate Pride look, and it wasn't even worn at Pride.

19. Pretty In Pink

I'd be smiling like that too if I was wearing such a fabulous outfit.

20. Black Lodge Looks

This totally Twin Peaks-esque dress goes full black lodge with the red bag accessorizing.

21. Shows Up To Your Ex's Wedding Like...

I love every aspect of this outfit. Every single aspect.

Now, how does one go about cloning someone's entire wardrobe and making said person your best friend in the process?