Mae Whitman At The 2015 Teen Choice Awards

Though she referred to herself as the DUFF—the Designated Ugly Fat Friend—Mae Whitman is most definitely the furthest thing from it, and is instead, the DAFF: the Designated Awesome Fashionable Friend. Mae Whitman at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards absolutely stunned in a multi-colored sequined ensemble, proving once again that she's the ultimate alternative fashion goddess we want and need.

Remember the time she Instagrammed a teddy bear purse? Yeah. She's simply the coolest in the land. And what's more, she can actually pull it off. Tonight's just one of those moments, as she stepped onto the blue carpet with a high neckline mesh dress, covered in shades of blue and green sequins, and even a section in black and white stripes. Somehow—it's all cohesive. Paired with shiny one-strap heels, small black clutch, and some small jewelry, it was an outfit that was both elegant and totally different, basically embodying everything Mae Whitman is.

To take the whole look one step further, Mae went with a blue and green smoky eye that matched her dress perfectly, a natural lip, and deep side part with loose, soft waves. Très chic, no?

It's no wonder we're in love with this endearing weirdo—she pretty much nails all of her characters, including Ann Veal in Arrested Development. Let's not forget her in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, either. She's so loveable that she even has the coolest squad, counting T.Swift and Lena Dunham as her close friends, according to Elle. Excuse me while I try to force my friendship on her.

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Mae Whitman is the friend and hero we all need, who's unafraid of being herself, and encourages everyone to do the same, too. "I think any time someone's afraid to be unabashedly who they are, that's threatening to people. So they try to put you in a category and make you self-conscious or aware of things. We try to label people, and we have these subjective boundaries that we think are real, and it's about eliminating that process in order to make some space in there for tolerance," she told Elle. This. This is what makes me have a huge friend crush on Whitman.

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