Get Katy Perry's Pink Puff Earrings

Pink hair is so popular, since the color can be soft, playful, and a unique and unexpected touch to an otherwise normal 'do. But if you can't dare to fully commit to pink with a dye job, due to job or school restrictions, you can mimic the look with accessories. Katy Perry's pink pouf earrings added a colorful accent to her hair, which is now a dark, ombre bronde.

Even though the poufs hung from her ears, they do look like a splash of pink dye, chalk, or extensions in the hair, due to the placement.

Granted, Perry has been basically eight different shades of pink through the years, so she isn't afraid to bleach her hair and then play around with hair hues not found in nature. But for everyone else who isn't a pop star, she's providing a dose of perhaps unintentional inspo with her earrings.

Yes, feather-like and pouffy earrings are very '80s, but it's not like the "Part of Me" singer and Moschino model is trying to bring back '80s accessorizing. Her outfit is wonderfully loud, thanks to that mosaic coat, which is so high fashion.

But the above-the-neck, powder pink accessorizing is what Katy Cats will most likely want to copy from this particular ensemble.

Ready for Katy's pink poufs, which match her lipstick?

They are just darling!

I love how Katy's dark 'n' ombre hair gets an extra kick from that pop of color. Want to copy her look? Here are three super cheap but unbelievably cute options to help you get the look.

1. Danglers

This dangly, collar bone-dusting pair might tickle your neck while making it look like you have some pink highlights. That depends on your hair length. Whatever the length, these earrings are crazy cute.

Pink Puff Earrings, $10,

2. Pom Poms

This whisper pink, pom pom pair doesn't feel too cheerleader-like! They are so delicate and sweet.

Pom Pom Earrings, $13,

3. Blinged

This pair is smaller with some bling, if you want to play it safe, not safe! Pink puff earrings are never really safe, but you can tone down how much puffiness you want to incorporate into your look. ($9,

It's easy to copy Katy Perry's pink poufs! Even if you have blonde hair, the pink earrings add a color pop.

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