Sam & Joe Have Quite A History Outside 'Paradise'

"Liar, liar, pants on fire," said everyone, everywhere to Joe from Kaitlyn's season of The Bachelorette on Sunday night. Things got really fishy during Bachelor in Paradise when Samantha and Joe connected — or should I say reconnected — in front of the other singles in Paradise. For a while, Joe stuck to the story that he didn't communicate with Sam before they arrived in Paradise, but eventually he admitted the truth. He and Sam had not only been in touch via social media, but they had texted and spoken on the phone before meeting in Paradise.

Pretty shady, if you ask me. But, Joe isn't working alone. Sam allegedly texted him asking him to do what he has to do to stay in Paradise until she gets there (she came in a few days after some of the cast, and after Joe had arrived). So what does "do what you have to do" actually mean? For Joe, that meant use Juelia for a rose just the day before Sam arrived. Juelia was really feeling her date with Joe, and Joe led her to believe that he felt the same way, when in reality, he just said and did what he needed to do to make sure he survived the first rose ceremony so he and Sam could connect.

The timeline of Sam and Joe's relationship is a little fuzzy, since they're both still kind of hiding the fact that there definitely was some planning to make this happen. But, from what we know, there is a timeline we can construct to understand their relationship more.

Joe Is Eliminated From The Bachelorette

While the schedule for filming is a little iffy for The Bachelorette, it can be estimated like he was eliminated around the end of April.

Joe Reaches Out To Sam

With about a month before Paradise, Joe reached out to Sam and she "took the bait." This tweet doesn't really bode well for the future of their relationship, does it?

Samantha Allegedly Tells Joe To Do "Whatever It Takes To Stay"

This is heresy, but I kind of believe Tanner. Tanner doesn't seem like the type of person who would make up a text that Joe texted him, does he? If Samantha did tell Joe to "do whatever it takes to stay in Paradise until she gets there" then she was 100 perfect plotting

Bachelor In Paradise Starts Filming

After a month of what Joe described as talking on "social media, texting, talking on the phone," Paradise starts filming and Joe arrives. Samantha is no where to be found.

Sam Shows Up In Paradise

Immediately upon arrival, Sam points to Joe and asks him on a date. Without even saying a word to everyone there.

Sam & Joe Go On Their Date

And the whole world cringes at the word "excited."

Joe Admits To Having Communicated With Sam... Finally

After lying about it before, Joe finally fesses up to having communicated with Samantha before Paradise began filming.

Juelia Threatens To Tell Sam About Joe Before She Arrived

PREACH. Juelia realizes that Joe is just kind of scummy and totally used her, so in a way to protect her friend Sam, Julia tells Joe that she wants to tell Sam about their date and what went down. Hopefully Sam realizes that she's way better off without Joe.

Image: screengrab/ABC