Why Wren Should've Totally Been A On 'PLL'

It's been a full week now since the Pretty Little Liars finale revealed that CeCe Drake is A, and yet I'm still having a hard time processing the information. There were so many clues that pointed to Wren being A, so to have it be anyone else — especially CeCe — threw me for a complete loop, particularly because the reveal also included some pretty major PLL plot holes. In fact, there were so many things that simply did not add up, it's hard not to wonder if this was all just some sort of A-induced nightmare or at least another misdirection on the writer's part that'll somehow all make sense in future seasons. Because I'm sorry, guys, but I'm finding it very hard to accept that Wren isn't somehow involved in this whole A game. Not when there were so many hints pointing to the contrary.

It's not just that Wren has always come across as being super shady — though, that certainly did factor into the equation — but there were also vital connections between him and A that were meticulously introduced throughout the seasons. They couldn't have all been for nothing… right? That's why I took the liberty of compiling some of the main reasons why Wren should've been the big bad A all along. Because there are some factors that just can't be overlooked.

1. He Shares A's Love For Vodka Soda

Granted, vodka soda isn't exactly an uncommon drink of choice among adults, but the fact that the series made an effort to show Wren and A order/make themselves the exact same beverage can't just be coincidental. In fact, it's a genius way of hinting that A's been under our noses all along. It all fits, people!

2. He's Great At Giving Massages

Remember back when Emily received a massage from A? Well, I always found it very interesting that she couldn't tell that it wasn't done by a professional. This suggests that whoever gave her the massage was at least somewhat skilled in the profession. Kinda like how Wren knowledgeably massaged Spencer in the very first episode.

3. The Spencer Connection

After encountering A in the dollhouse, Spencer remarked that the person felt very familiar to her. And yet, she spent almost zero time with CeCe, during childhood or otherwise. So what was the point in trying to establish this connection? Was it really just for the sake of throwing us off? That seems kinda cruel. If only there had been another shady character on the show with direct ties to Spencer…

4. He Has A Medical Background

I mean, just think of all the things A has done that has required medical knowledge. I know the series tried to explain CeCe's wide range of skills by turning her into a genius, but it would still make much more sense if an actual doctor had been behind all of this. (Remember what A did to Hanna's teeth in the dentist chair? And how about those chip implants?) I'm really supposed to buy that CeCe pulled this off without a medical degree?

5. He Has A Place In Philadelphia

And let's not forget how many of A's purchases have been made in Philadelphia. Just saying!

6. He Has A History Of Mental Illness

In Season 3, Wren confided to Hanna that his dad had Schizophrenia when he was a kid. I thought this either meant that a.) Wren was actually talking about himself and the time he spent locked away at Radley, or b.) Kenneth wasn't actually his biological father. This could've opened up the possibility that his real dad was Byron Montgomery's brother, Scott, thus establishing a familial connection between Aria and A. But alas, I guess this detail was just a way to give Julian Morris a few more lines?

7. And A Slight Case Of OCD

In Season 2, Wren admits to Spencer that he's unable to fall asleep if his bookcase isn't in alphabetical order. Sounds a little OCD, right? Well, call me crazy, but I've always gotten a similar vibe from A, who is by far the most meticulous and well-organized person I know.

8. He Had An All-Access Pass To Radley

Everything leads back to Radley. We've known that for quite some time now. So who better to be the ultimate Big Bad than the guy who was able to roam around the institution without anyone giving it a second thought? He had access to medical records. He had access to ID badges. Basically, anything he wanted, he could've easily gotten his hands on. Even Eddie Lamb thought Wren's intentions weren't on the up and up. It just makes so much sense.

9. THAT Drawing

You know which drawing I'm talking about — the one of a happy family that Wren showed Mona at Radley. It's the same image we found him drawing later on that has the mother figure wearing a red coat or sweater, much like the one Jessica DiLaurentis was wearing in Charles' first home movie. How is this now irrelevant information?!?!

So, sorry, I. Marlene King, but until you fully explain Wren's creepy behavior, I'm never going to be able to let go of the fact that he was the one who should've been under that hood and no one else.

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