Your Uber Is Arriving... With Lunch

Uber made us all start drooling a little when they announced a food delivery service back in April, and they've been slowly been rolling out the service to new cities since then. Now, thanks to a new UberEATS update, six metro areas have the option to order up a meal from Uber's curated menu and have it arrive in just about as much time as it would typically take to decide what to eat and place an order through Seamless. Good news, or the best news? You be the judge, although it might depend on how frequently you order takeout.

The laziest, or perhaps most efficient, of office workers are already indulging in the speedy service in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago, Barcelona, and Austin. While many of us are not-so-patiently waiting for our city to be added to the list, Uber recently doubled down on the concept by quietly releasing an app update that features UberEATS as boldly as its traditional ridesharing service for users in locations where it is offered. Eat? Yes, please.

Now, when you're in a city with the service, the "Ride" and "Eat" buttons are side by side on the top of the screen for easy toggling.

That might seem like a small change, but it shows that Uber is more serious about making UberEATS a mainstream component of the Uber "lifestyle." They haven't shown quite as much commitment to other attempts to branch out beyond the disruptive (and now ubiquitous) cab service.

I haven't personally had a chance to check out UberEATS, but Bustle editor Emma Lord had a positive experience, besides the delivery fee sticker shock. I have used the service in multiple cities, usually to great effect. Despite the bad press and missteps Uber has made during their journey to becoming a household name, the service doesn't seem to be having any trouble getting and keeping customers. Perhaps if it sees major success with UberEATS, they'll consider some of these other verticals we wish Uber would expand into that they haven't gotten around to trying yet.

If you're looking to daydream about what you might order when Uber expands the service to your city, check out the menus on their website by clicking on the various city links. Tomorrow, they're serving burgers in Barcelona and chicken and veggie kabobs in L.A. Yum!

I'll leave you with a few mouthwatering UberEATS Instagram shots. Check out the full #ubereats hashtag at your own risk.

Images: uber_tor/Instagram; Giphy; Molly Oehmichen (2)