8 Romantic Harry Potter Tattoos For Couples

Harry Potter will always have a special place in your heart. It means so much to you that you probably already have a Harry Potter tattoo. And lucky for you, you just happened to find another fellow wizard or witch that has the same love for the series! Since you and your partner are both dedicated Potterheads, your relationship is practically founded on your love for the books.

You've definitely discussed — or actually had — a Harry Potter-themed wedding, and know your partner's favorite book of the series down to his or her top quotes. You both love talking about your love for the characters, and will defend them until the end of time. Since you're both madly in love (and didn't have to use a love potion to achieve it), why not seal your commitment even more so to both each other and Harry Potter with a couples' tattoo?

Deciding on a tattoo is hard enough, but getting a tattoo with your significant other? It can be a risk, sure, but it can also be an incredibly romantic way of showing your love. After all, you two are in it for the long haul because always means more to you than the average muggle.

Here are some romantic and creative Harry Potter-themed couples' tattoos you should definitely think about getting:

1. Matching Stars

This subtle and charming tattoo could easily be placed on your wrists, ankles, arms, etc. It will turn the both of you into your favorite pages from Harry Potter.

2. Hogwarts Heartbeat

How cute would it be to get each other's heartbeat tattooed over your own heart? OK — now put the Hogwarts skyline in the middle and you will have an utterly romantic tattoo no one else could replicate.

3. Until The Very End

If you've already made your vows and you want another way to show them, this tattoo is perfect for you and your partner. You two want to be together until the very end, and linking that desire to Harry Potter will make your commitment to one another even stronger.

4. It's Real For Us

For the two of you, every experience in Harry Potter was just as real as reality. You're both hardcore fans and wouldn't have it any other way. Taking it even further, your love for each other is also incredibly real, and that makes this tattoo forever important.

5. Patronus Charm

If you know what your Patronus is (which you totally do), you could both get tattoos of your individual Patronuses, both of them together, OR you could get a tattoo of just your partner's Patronus. Either way, all is well.

6. Felix Felicis

Sometimes it feels like you were given Felix Felicis potion because how in the world were you lucky enough to end up with the most perfect person in the universe? Getting matching tattoos of this potion, or maybe even Amortentia (since you two are so in love) would be both charming and adorable.

7. House Crest

Maybe the two of you are both Gryffindors, or maybe you're a Ravenclaw and your partner is a Hufflepuff. You could even mix it up and put both of your houses in one matching tattoo!

8. Always

Is there a more romantic and Harry Potter related word than "Always"? You two are planning on being together forever, and you know that no matter what, you'll always have each other. Sure, it's a little cheesy. But this little reminder combines your love for each other and for Harry Potter all in one.

Images: Christine DiStasio/Instagram; Christine Thomas/flickr