Is Kylie Jenner's Tattoo Real?

It's no surprise that paparazzi and fans were quick to notice what appears to be an inked small pink heart on the youngest Jenner's upper arm, but is Kylie Jenner's tattoo real? Her 18th birthday festivities are in full-swing, and the starlet and her gaggle of gorgeous friends have been non-stop party-hopping in Calabasas, Canada, and everywhere in between. She's mostly been rocking bikinis and sleeveless shirts during the highly photographed festivities, so would be nearly impossible to miss the potential ink.

Just before Jenner's big one-eight, older sis Kendall warned the world with a pic on Instagram, captioned #kyliesturning18imscared, leaving us all to wonder what, exactly, her first move as a legal adult would be. Bustle has reached out for comment regarding whether or not the ink is real, and although Jenner has yet to confirm whether the heart is indeed permanent, or just some handy Sharpie work, she is a grown up now, so anything goes — short of drinking alcohol and renting a car, of course. I wouldn't be shocked if Jenner celebrated her adulthood with a tat.

While the design is pretty tiny, if it's real, it could definitely be her way of testing the body art waters. My first tattoo was pretty small, also (and admittedly, just as cliché — it's my zodiac sign) but it quickly led to a few more; I call it my "gateway tattoo."

Jenner's summer-ready looks, like this strappy white dress, gave her ample opportunity to start showing it off:

Here's why the ink could be real.

1.) Her alleged boyfriend, Tyga, is an avid tattoo collector.

His face tattoos alone already trump Kylie's new ink.

Tyga also allegedly has a "Kylie" tattoo on his forearm (so, you know, no presh.)

2.) She's no stranger to body modification.

Jenner clearly has no problem with body modification, particularly when it involves needles. She fessed up to having lip injections this spring in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians after months of speculation on the public's part.

3.) Tattoos Run In The Family

Jenner's half-brother, Rob, has plenty of tattoos, and half-sister Khloe has a tattoo on her hand.

Even Kendall has two tats — her latest is a white outline of a broken heart, and her first, scored earlier this summer, is a small white dot on the inside of her finger. OK, so neither are exactly the boldest moves (I'm having flashbacks to that episode of Friends when Phoebe only let the needle graze her skin with a tiny dot of ink before chickening out) but still, they're permanent.

But, here's why it may not be real:

1.) She's Witnessed Some Um, Regrettable, Tats

Yes, tattoos run in the family. But some of her sibs' ink has been admittedly regrettable. Rob's Adrian tattoo and Khloe's "LO" tattoo don't seem like the best choices, in retrospect.

2.) Kim K Doesn't Approve.

Older half-sis Kim Kardashian is against tattoos. As she put it to Kendall, "Don't put a bumper sticker on a Bentley."

3.) Ink Is Permanent

Kylie's konstantly changing up her look. In the past few weeks alone we've seen her with corn rows, platinum blond hair, and super-long extensions, so she may not be ready to settle down with one look just yet.

I'm reserving judgment until I hear confirmation one way or the other, but either way, Jenner's body art is pretty cute!

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