A Fight Breaks Out On 'The Sims' 'BB17'

Previously on The Sims Big Brother 17: Sim Austin almost burned the house down while grilling up some hot dogs; Ghost Sim John told Sim James he prefers urns to graves; Sim Clay and Sim Austin played a very important game of chess; Sim Austin was sent to the eviction loft after he lost the chess match. You can check out the sixth installment of The Sims Big Brother 17 here.

Last week, I finally evicted someone from The Sims BB17 house. I gotta say, it was nice to feel like I was in charge of The Sims BB17 house for a change; a few weeks ago, the Sim Grim Reaper ripped the Sim Big Brother wheel out of my hands and steered the ship into the eye of a scythe-shaped typhoon. The Sim Grim Reaper wanted to claim the lives of seven Sims, and claim the lives of seven Sims is exactly what the Sim Grim Reaper did.

It's been two episodes since the SGR last paid us a visit, which means I've been the one in control of the BB17 house for two episodes, which means I've been drunk with power for two episodes. I couldn't wait to demonstrate my power again, i.e., evict another houseguest. And evict another houseguest is exactly what I did.

This week’s eviction challenge: The two houseguests who found themselves up for elimination would compete in a painting duel. The first to improve their painting skill level would be safe. The other painter would move in with Sim Austin. If you're a fan of high stakes arts and crafts, this week's episode of The Sims BB17 is the episode for you.

Go ahead and put on a smock, set down some newspapers, and get a cup of water for your paintbrushes before we dig into this week's highlights. Things are about to get messy.

The Moment When Sim Becky Fixed The Shower Without My Instruction:

Wow! Great work, Sim Becky.

The Moment When The Houseguests Cleaned Up The Kitchen Without My Instruction:

Wow! Great work, team

The Moment When I Rewarded The Houseguests With A Brand New Hot Tub:

I sprung for the fancier jacuzzi this time around. I can be so benevolent when I want to be.

The Moment When Sim Liz Kept Doing What Sim Liz Does:

After a few days of not eating, sleeping, or showering, Sim Jason, Sim Jeff, Sim John, Sim Meg, Sim Shelli, Sim Steve, and Sim Vanessa died. Sim Liz hasn't eaten, slept, or showered in weeks, but she's still standing. What's Sim Liz's secret?

The Moment When Sim Austin Made Too Many Helpings of Goopy Carbonara:

Hope you like leftovers, Sim Austin, because you're the only one who has access to that kitchen.

The Moment When The Game Let Me Know Sim Jace And Sim James Were Arguing:

I guess Sim James and Sim Jace feel very strongly about the color purple (not to be confused with The Color Purple). Who knew?

The Moment When The Argument Got Meta:

Now Sim James is angry about anger? Is Sim James is angry at himself because he's angry? Is Sim James trapped in an anger circle?

The Moment When Sim James Pointed At Sim Jace With Both Index Fingers:

Oh, no. No no no no. Not The Double Point.

The Moment When The Game Stated The Obvious:

Hey, you guys don't have to be best friends. That's OK. Let's just walk away from the situation and —

The Moment When Sim Jace And Sim James Did The Opposite Of Walking Away From The Situation:

Eesh, would you look at all of that dust? I'm so embarrassed. I really should vacuum this place.

The Moment When My Sim Allergies Flared Up:

This has to be the dustiest dust-up in the history of dust-ups. I hope Sim Jace and Sim James used Flonase this morning.

The Moment When The Fight Finally Ended:

Sim James had to take a knee afterwards. I guess that means Sim Jace won.

The Moment When Sim James Almost Called Sim Jace A Can Of Trash:

Sim James thought better of it, though. Probably wise. Wouldn't want to start another brawl.

The Moment When Sim Jace Realized He Worked Up An Appetite:

Oh, I almost forgot. The Sims BB17 house is a no-roughhousing zone. Says so in the Sim cast's Sim contracts and everything. You know what this means? Sim James and Sim Jace are up for elimination. To the easels we go!

The Moment When I Bought Two Easels:

Let the life-or-death painting begin.

The Moment When Sim James And Sim Jace Refused To Shake Hands Before The Paint Battle:

Their feud runs too deep.

The Moment When Both Sim Jace And Sim James Painted Like Their Chance At Winning BB17 Depended On It:

I would expect nothing less at a time like this.

The Moment When I Realized Sim Jace And Sim James Were Painting The Same Thing:

If you think the nemeses bonded over this, think again.

The Moment When Sim James Left The Painting Duel Without Warning:

Where's Sim James? Doesn't Sim James know he could lose his spot in the house? Why would he leave at at time like this?

The Moment When Sim James's Bladder Forced Him To Forfeit:

Oh. I see. Way to call at the worst time, Nature.

The Moment When Sim Jace's Painting Skills Improved:

Sim Jace is safe. Sim James is out.

The Moment When Sim Jace Realized He Was Safe:

You're good to go, Sim Jace. Feel free to set down the paintbrush whenever you want.

The Moment When Sim James Said Goodbye To His Roommates:

The curtain has closed on Sim James's time in the Sim BB17 house.

The Moment When Sim James Moved Into The Eviction Studio Apartment:

Hey, Sim Austin? Is there any Goopy Carbonara left? Sim James is looking a tad peckish.

The Moment When Sim James Fixed The Broken TV:

Yes, Sim Austin already broke the TV. Yes, I'm annoyed. Can I evict Sim Austin again?

The Moment When Sim Jace Continued To Paint:

Taking a victory lap, eh?

The Moment When Ghost Sim Meg Threw On A Ghost Bikini And Lounged Poolside:

Sim Jackie let Ghost Sim Meg know her ghoulish swimsuit rules the pool.

The Moment When Someone Forgot The Floor Is Not A Toilet:

Can Sim Ghosts pee? Was it you, Ghost Sim Meg?

The Moment When Ghost Sim Vanessa Helped Herself To A Bowl Of Cereal:

A ghost after my own heart.

The Moment When Ghost Sim Vanessa Helped Herself To A Second Bowl Of Cereal:

Ghost Sim Vanessa and I are twins.

The Moment When Sim Liz Ignored Sim Jackie And Sim Becky:

Sorry, Sim Jackie and Sim Becky. Sim Liz is too busy being invincible to chat right now.

The Moment When I Noticed Sim Jace Refused To Leave The Easel:

Sim Jace has to pee? So what. His bladder can wait. He's not ready to stop painting (take note, Sim James). Is the easel Sim Jace's new fish tank?

Next week: Sim Liz continues to defy the odds, the Ghost Sims continue to run up the grocery bill, the newspaper delivery girl continues to yell at me for the newspaper mess I continue to not clean up, I eliminate another houseguest, and Sim Jace wishes he could paint while standing in the fish tank.

Images: The Sims/EA Games (32); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (32)