9 Friends You Will Make Freshman Year Of College

Your first year of college will be a whirlwind of discoveries. From exploring what it means to be on your own in the big wide world for the first time, to trying crazy new foods, and even getting to know people you never would have crossed paths with before, freshman year is a learning experience inside of the classroom and out. Luckily, there are different types of friends you will make your first year of college who will help make the transition easier, and you're going to be happy to have each and every one of them on your side.

One of the funniest parts of freshman year is that all the other freshmen are also experiencing all of this newness at the same time, and every freshman will be establishing his or her post-high-school identity as early as move-in day. Believe it or not, some of these weirdos will become family — the kind of family that would drive you to the pharmacy at 3 a.m. when you have a UTI, and hold your hair when you learn the hard way how many peppermint patty shots are too many. Maybe one of these friends will make a speech at your wedding. Maybe you'll get really lucky, and they'll be the person you're sharing your first dance with.

Here are nine types of friends you'll make your first year of college, as illustrated by Harry Potter gifs.

1. The Incurable Troublemaker

The troublemakers in college will always know how to turn a boring day around. Will they also have lots of mornings filled with groaning and regrets? Of course. But these friends certainly won't be the ones complaining about boredom.

2. The Flower Child

The flower child will be California dreamin' with her incense and vinyl record collection. Spot this friend from the Bob Marley poster hanging up in her dorm room that looks like it came from a box in somebody's basement. Her aura of psychedelic chill will keep your stress in check during midterms. She'll also be the first one to let you know when a cool indie band is coming to town.

3. The Charming Jock

I'd have some extra confidence too if I had a full-ride scholarship to a good school, especially with today's tuition prices. You'll meet the charming jock in an intro to writing class or a sociology seminar, and bond over your favorite dining hall food options.

4. The Girl Who Is Really, Really Into Athletes

Where goes the charming jock, so goes this next character. Forgive her while she fangirls out about the biceps on that soccer player in your psychology class. She'll likely be from a small high school where the athletic department was less selective.

5. The Lost Puppy

Odds are, you'll have to teach the lost puppy how to separate his or her laundry, how to use the library's search engine, and the best microwave meals to survive your meal plan. The lost puppy is probably the baby of the family, and will eventually discover his or her independence sometime around junior year.

6. The Late Bloomer Who Just Figured Out How To Work It

This girl will experience a renaissance during freshman year that will make your head spin. Being on her own for the first time will allow her to discover things about herself that she never saw coming. Maybe she had a sheltered home life, or maybe college is just her first big adventure. Watch with pride as she transforms into the swan you knew she'd become.

7. The Mysterious Older Guy

Maybe he's a senior, or maybe he's a fellow freshman that just so happens to be more worldly and experienced than you are. He'll have a taste for scotch and expensive seafood, have traveled extensively, and be self-assured about the ins and outs of his sexuality.

8. The Effortlessly Cool Girl

All of her clothes are wrinkle-free, and somehow all look good mixed-and-matched with one another. Her hair is wavy but never seems to frizz, and you can't even tell if she's wearing makeup or if she just woke up like that. Undoubtedly, this girl is a lot more complex than anyone gives her credit for, and has just as many insecurities as the next person. Friends of this girl should challenge her to demand the respect she deserves.

9. The Super Obedient Rule Follower

Whether this person is your RA or just a freshman that read the student conduct pamphlet front to back twice, the obedient rule-follower is never as disciplined as they initially seem. Once the excitement of a new school year wears off, you'll find this once-rigid human drinking a case of PBR while playing Mario Kart (or whichever games kids play these days).

Images: Warner Bros Pictures; Giphy (9); my-harry-potter-generation/tumblr