12 Maya Rudolph Characters We Need On Her New Show

It's always welcome news to hear that a former SNL great might be stepping back into the spotlight and thus the rumors of Maya Rudolph's upcoming NBC variety show will leave sketch comedy fans smiling. As reported by TVLine, Maya Rudolph will be joined by co-host Martin Short for the Lorne Michaels-produce series which has been tentatively named Maya & Marty.T hough NBC has declined to comment on the rumors, this seems like a promising comedic development and I, for one, hope we see these 12 Maya Rudolph SNL characters on her new variety show.

Back in 2014, Rudolph hosted an hour-long comedy special on NBC which, looking back, appears to be a warmup for Rudolph's own variety show that is supposedly in the works. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 and another little nod towards the Martin/Maya duo took place during SNL's 40th anniversary special during which Marty and Maya (as Queen Bey) absolutely brought down the house.

Though the details of Rudolph and Short's variety show have yet to be nailed down, this comedic pair is a promising duo and if Maya & Marty comes to fruition, the crowd will undoubtedly be left in stitches on a regular basis. As we wait for the other shoe to drop, we can reminisce on Rudolph's best SNL characters who will hopefully make a comeback on her new show.


Jay Pharoah's Jay-Z is absolutely impeccable and is the perfect accompaniment to Rudolph's Beyoncé. Hopefully there is much, much more where this comes from.

Jodi from "Bronx Beat"

Betti and Jodi, the... unique... hosts of the charming talk show "Bronx Beat," could talk about just about anything with those accents and it'd be funny.


Rudolph's over-the-top enthusiasm as she announces each gift is to die for and the rabid fans make it even funnier.

Gemini's Twin on TRL

Gemini's Twin is an obvious spoof on Destiny's Child and Maya Rudolph absolutely slays it as Gemini's Twin's leading lady.

National Anthem Singer

In which Maya Rudolph sings the National Anthem using almost exclusively vowels.

Host of the American Trainwreck Awards

These need to be a thing though... this would be the high point of awards season.

Maya Angelou Prank Show

The Maya Angelou Prank Show is just a stellar concept all around and Rudolph executes it perfectly.

Super Show Case Gameshow Girl

There's nothing better than when the SNL cast can't keep it together and Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph's ridiculous accents get more and more hilarious as they try (and fail) to stifle their laughter in this skit.

Whitney Houston

Rudolph's reoccurring role as Whitney Houston never fails to elicit laughter. The way she pronounces "Miley Cyrus" gets me in this skit every time. Not to mention her random outbursts of song.

Her 'The Californians' Character

This particular skit always seems to get the cast in a tizzy.


Rudolph absolutely kills it as this fiery Apprentice star.

Christina Aguilera

There's only one thing better than early '00s Christina Aguilera and that's Maya Rudolph playing the early '00s Christina Aguilera. Her voice impersonations are spot on.