Who Is Vanessa's Main Target Now?

If anyone should receive the name of flip flopper on Big Brother 17, it's Vanessa. As the competition continues, it's pretty apparent that Vanessa will do whatever it takes to protect herself, which is what Big Brother is all about, right? With that said, I don't know about you, but I never know where the professional poker player's head is regarding targets. At this point, she's focused on almost every houseguest. Does she want to evict Austin? What about the twins? Is she ready to kick James and Meg out the door? Will she vote out Becky or Johnny Mac? Does she really want to go to the final two with Steve? Who is Vanessa's main target now that we're at week eight? It's hard to say, but I have a feeling Johnny Mac better watch his back.

Based on Sunday's episode, it looked like Vanessa is targeting Johnny Mac. Why? Basically, he didn't give her the answers she wanted. Remember that awkward conversation they had in the lounge about their argument involving Clay and James? Just because John didn't bow down and kiss Vanessa's feet, she immediately ran to the Austwins and made him a target in their eyes. She twisted his words and actions to the point that she even called him "crazy." Well, John suspects her and if he doesn't get evicted thanks to HoH Liz, then there's no doubt Vanessa will be his next target — if he wins HoH, that is.

As much as I'm rooting for John, I can see why Vanessa is targeting him. Not only is he likable and beloved by the entire house and most of America, he's a strong competition player. How many Power of Veto comps has he won so far? If I were in the house, I'd probably want to evict him, too. Since I'm not, I have my *fingers crossed* that John remains in the house, wins the next HoH, and takes out Vanessa.

It already looks like John is strategizing every way he can, even by hanging out with Vanessa. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Johnny Mac for the win!

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS