Will ‘Big Brother 17’ Include Another Double Eviction? There Are A Lot Of Ways It Could Go Down

If you thought for a second that Thursday night’s Big Brother 17 double eviction was a game changer on the series, then you might be curious whether or not it will happen again. As a first-time Big Brother viewer, I watched all of that drama go down on Thursday — when Shelli and Jackie were both evicted — and thought, “Wait. Is there going to be another one of these double evictions thingies?” I thought that partly because the double eviction was super dramatic — and that is, like, the sole reason why I watch Big Brother, after all — and also because I’m curious whenever something new comes up about how common it is and whether or not we can expect it again.

Maybe you already know all of this, because you are a Big Brother expert and, like, duh of course you know everything there is to know about double evictions. If so, good on ya. Also, wanna be my expert for research purposes? Because I did a little research on my own, and here is what I found out…

It turns out that multiple double evictions are totally common occurrences in the Big Brother house. So common, in fact, that they happened in the last four seasons of the show and also during Seasons 6 and 7. For those of you who are fans of the Canadian version, multiple double evictions have happened in all three seasons of that iteration.

Which basically means that the chances of multiple double evictions happening in a new season of Big Brother are pretty high. And, considering how consistently they’ve been happening in recent seasons, I’d say the likelihood that another double eviction will happen during Season 17 of the show is pretty clear.

But, just how these double evictions could happen may be very different. There’s still a chance for some variety in future episodes, because there has been a variety of double evictions that have occurred during past seasons. Basically, there are a ton of ways for two people to be kicked out at once. In the past there have been two evictions in one week, two evictions in one day, eviction of pairs, instant eviction, and double eviction by vote. Phew! That’s a lot of ways to say bye to two houseguests at once.

So, although it might be likely that another double eviction is on its way for the Big Brother houseguests, just how that eviction is going to take place is anyone’s guess. Or, maybe there won’t be another double eviction at all. Who knows! After all, the only thing you can expect in the Big Brother house is the unexpected.

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Image: CBS (2)