How To Wear Neon Makeup In The Fall

by Jessica Willingham

The worst part about summer ending isn't just having to say goodbye to the long days of breezy dresses and short shorts, it's also having to put away our bright lipsticks and nail colors. But wait — can you wear neon makeup in the fall? Like wearing white after labor day and pairing brown with black, the idea that you can't wear bright colors in autumn is pretty much bogus, if you ask me. Your makeup can look gorgeous and fall/winter appropriate with these tricks for wearing neon colors in the fall.

While the summer time neon shades reflect days spent poolside with fruity cocktails, electric blues and oranges are beautifully bold for the fall, too. Neon shades can be the bright and vibrant boost your style (and soul) needs during dark days of fall.

While any skin complexion and style personality can (and should!) wear neon colors, your best bet for nailing the style is choosing one neon product per look. If you have neon nails, you might want to skip the neon lips. Neon colors are meant for the spotlight, and there can only be one shade of neon for a truly show-stopping look.

Then again, if you fancy yourself a makeup pro, feel free to mix it up and use a neon eyeliner with a neon lip. Just remember your color wheel, folks — a blue eyeliner looks great with an orange lip.

Before choosing a neon shade, keep in mind your skin tone and eye color. Purples and fuchsia colors look great on blue eyes, while olive and dark skin tones can rock the loudest orange lip MAC makes. If you're of a fairer skin tone, stay far away from yellows that can make you look more sallow.

Here are a few more tips for wearing big colors this fall:

1. For Eyes

I love a neon liner or eyeshadow used as a liner. It serves as a great pop of color and stands out in a good way. Just remember to keep the eye neutral, with soft cool brown eyeshadow that doesn't compete.

Urban Decay Pressed Pigment Palette, $49.00,

2. For Lips

Darker tones can go wilder with their lipstick. But if you're fair-skinned (or a little hesitant to dive into neon), then you can swipe a lipstick with your finger and then dab the color onto your lips for a sheer finish.

If you're ready to go bold, dark skin looks great in orange and no one rocks a blue-toned fuchsia or wild neon purple like fair skin tones.

NYX Macaron Lippie in Royal, $6.00,

3. For Nails

I love neon orange for the fall because it's the most transitional shade of the neon family. It works well in any season — especially when the leaves are turning and pumpkins are everywhere.

Essie Polish in Saturday Disco Fever, $8.50,

Images: LoganArt/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands