GapKids X ED Collection Is Cool, Inspiring, & Available To Shop

There’s one talk show host and comedienne in particular who has had the whole effortlessly cool thing down pat for years. Ellen DeGeneres’ GapKids line is available to shop, and as you might have expected, it’s cooler than cool. Not only does the line encourage girls to embrace their individuality, it’s packed with prints that mean something and is offering up clothing that, especially for girls, is different from a lot of other items on the market. As in, they’re not all frilly and pink. With bows. You get the idea.

DeGeneres’ new lifestyle brand, ED, sells non-gender specific clothing, and this is exactly the kind of mindset that she brought to this Gap collaboration, as well. With this collection, she’s not just delivering clothing, she’s sending an important message for girls and boys to express their individuality through their style because she believes in “equal opportunity cuteness,” according to Vogue.

The graphic prints in this collection feature everything from lightning bolts to sayings like, “Be Your Own Hero,” that are both fun and empowering. Being a kid should be the most freeing time in your life, after all. And thanks to DeGeneres, kids finally have clothes to reflect that.

See some of the best pieces from the line, and beware — you'll probably start wishing they came in adult sizes, cause they’re that awesome.

1. Be Brave

Brave Sweatshirt Top, $34.95

2. Expressive Leggings

Printed Leggings, $16.95

3. Lightning Bolt

Energy Bolt Tee, $19.95

4. Be Your Own Hero

Graphic Raglan Tee, $24.95

5. Baseball Hat

Graphic Baseball Hat, $14.95

Pretty great, huh? I mean, I'd wear it.

Images: GapKids (5)