What's Going On With Meg & James' "Showmance?"

When it comes to reality TV, there's always a chance of a showmance. Take Big Brother 17 's Clay and Shelli, who formed a very strong connection in the Big Brother house. There's bound to be some kind of chemistry between contestants, especially when they're trapped inside a house without any outside of communication for a long period of time. Plus, some fans can't help but ship reality TV stars. For example, Meg and James. If you follow the live feed and those die-hard BB17 Twitter accounts, then you know that many want these two to get together. So, this got me thinking, did Meg and James kiss? Is this why so many are shipping them?

Well, it doesn't appear that they have kissed yet. However, that doesn't mean it won't happen before the season concludes. It even seems that some of the houseguests, like Steve, are asking Meg to kiss James. I guess James also really wants a smooch from Meg, according to one live tweeter who posted this: "James' annoyed it's been 62 days & Meg hasn't given him a kiss. He mentions how she was affectionate w/ Jeff."

I don't know about you, but I think James should focus more on winning the game and not getting evicted, rather than receiving a kiss from Meg. But, hey, I guess James and those shipping him with Meg have different priorities than me.

Will the kiss happen? It all depends on Meg. Maybe she'll celebrate with a kiss if she can finally win a competition.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS