9 Girl Power One-Liners From Movies That Will Never Stop Being Awesome

Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Aliens, Thelma & Louise — all of these movies have two things in common: they boast awesome female leads, and they are full of girl power-infused movie one-liners. Though the film industry is lacking in films starring strong female characters, Hollywood definitely knows how to craft a killer shutdown and a sassy retort, and there are certain movie lines that are just dripping with kickass goodness. They are perfect to toss out at anytime, whether you are dealing with some jerk who just totally underestimated you or just killing it at trivia night. Whatever the case may be, a well-timed pop culture reference can only improve a situation.

Chances are, you already know the one-liners on this list — but the truth is they will never stop being awesome. Each line will remind you of the amazing woman who said it, and just reading them will fill you with a sense of girl power even the Spice Girls would envy. Not only are these movie lines are strong, funny, fearless, downright daring, but they also represent the very best moments for women in cinema — and they double as killer retorts and confidence boosters. What more could a movie fan ask for?

Ready to be wowed by Elle Woods' mentor, Ripley, and Cher all over again? Then read on and prepare to be dazzled by these linguistic masterpieces.

1. "You See How Picky I Am About My Shoes And They Only Go On My Feet." — Cher, Clueless (1995)

This badass quote features Cher's rationale about why she's waiting for the right guy. It could apply to any situation where a girl wants to communicate that she will not be rushed into doing anything she's not ready to do, though.

2. "If You're Going To Let One Stupid Prick Ruin Your Life... You're Not The Girl I Thought You Were." — Professor Stromwell, Legally Blonde (2001)

Professor Stromwell knew no guy was worth tossing away your future for, and that's why she kicked so much butt.

3. "I'm Happy To Disappoint You." — Ripley, Aliens (1986)

Leave it to Ripley to come up with the perfect verbal middle finger to give to crappy authority figures.

4. "You've Always Been Crazy, This Is Just The First Chance You've Had To Express Yourself." — Louise, Thelma & Louise (1991)

Repression is bad for the soul.

5. "Courtney, This Is Not A Democracy, It's A Cheerocracy." — Torrance, Bring It On (2000)

Because sometimes, you just don't have time for other people's opinions. Torrance was basically the Rick Grimes of cheerleading.

6. "Even Though Some Of You Are Pretty Thin, You All Have Fat Hearts, And That’s What Matters." — Fat Amy, Pitch Perfect (2012)

Fat Amy is a flawless human being, and everything she says is golden.

7. "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink." — Karen, Mean Girls (2004)

Every girl needs a motto — and if anyone tries to shame you for wearing pink, just channel your inner Karen.

8. "You Screw Me, I Screw You Right Back; I'm A Lady Like That." — Carly, The Other Woman (2014)

Now that's a quote worthy of the burn book!

9. "I Am In A Dress, I Have Gel In My Hair, I Haven't Slept All Night, I'm Starved, And I'm Armed — Don't Mess With Me!" — Gracie, Miss Congeniality (2000)

Sandra Bullock brings the attitude in a way that makes me want to make her my queen. She has all of the girl power, all of it!

I hope these have all inspired you to be your fiercest self.

Image: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Giphy (9)