Liz Chose Austin Over Julia For The Veto Competition On 'Big Brother' & No One Knows Why

Liz, girl, we need to talk. I need you to step back and look at where you're at in life. Who hurt you and led you to choose Austin over Julia for the Veto competition on Big Brother 17 ? What happened to sisters before misters? What happened to you NOT LIKING AUSTIN, remember? On Wednesday's episode, Liz chose Austin for houseguest choice during the Veto competition and not only did it shock Julia — because, like, they shared a womb for nine months — but it was also a really poor game decision.

When houseguests choice is pulled during the Veto competition, you'd think that the person who pulled it would choose the person that you know no matter what will have your back. Yes, that person for Liz is Austin, but that person is also Julia! When Liz chose Austin, Julia and I were both thinking WTF, but when Julia actually asked Liz about it — "Why didn't you pick me?" — Liz just said, "I know-uhhh." Real helpful, Liz. I'm glad you see the error of your ways.

I would understand if Liz picked Austin because he was a competition beast, but he's not. Austin is good at one thing and one thing only, keeping within a three foot distance from Liz at all times. Julia hasn't proven to be an extremely strong competition player either, but she is Liz's sister and they've had each other's backs everyday in the house. I actually fear that Liz choosing Austin over her sister could really hurt her game in the long run. Everyone knows that Austin and Liz are inseparable, but Liz choosing Austin really just increases the size of the target on her back, because now people know that there are two people in the house that she trusts unconditionally.

For the sake of Liz's game, I hope that Austin meets up with Julie Chen sooner rather than later. Beyond not understanding the Austin/Liz showmance, I really think that Judas is doing what he does best and screwing people over — even if he doesn't really mean to. Austin, if you really love Liz, maybe you can just self-evict and let her live her own Big Brother life.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS