Lady Gaga Covers 'CR Fashion Book' Like A Bride + Black Widow Rocker, Which Have Been Her Recent Style Calling Cards

Good and evil, light and dark, Taylor and Katy, bride and rocker — I love a good contrast. That's just what I got with Lady Gaga's unretouched CR Fashion Book cover, which finds Mother Monster posing in a poufy white ensemble, looking very much like a bride. She also dons a black Iron Maiden rocker tee and veil, with mascara and eyeliner running down her face. Gaga was two brides from two different fashion skews.

Gaga is betrothed to actor Taylor Kinney IRL, and a recent cream-colored Vivienne Westwood gown the singer wore was very wedding-inspired. She has also been wearing vintage and deconstructed rock tees all summer long, dialing it down while remaining uniquely Gaga.

This CR Fashion Book cover, which was not edited or altered prior to publication, featured Gaga as she is, in all her imperfectly fabulous glory. It reflected both sides of the complicated pop diva. Gaga the person is as multi-faceted as her music and her fashion sense.

According to E!, editor Carine Roitfeld's goal was to display Gaga "completely natural, all herself."

While I doubt Gaga naturally cries black mascara tears, at least she wasn't airbrushed to the point of being unrecognizable. You know, she did weep diamond tears while playing herself on The Simpsons in 2012... so anything is possible!

Gaga was a combo of bride and black widow. Each look was gorgeous in its own way. For her white wedding look, Gaga was soft while surrounded by all that white tulle. It didn't swallow her despite the volume. She was much more dangerous and dirty in her Maiden tee and black veil. Those inky tears, though!

Here's three recent Gaga bride-like moments, reflecting her light side.

Her bone-hued Westwood gown was a simple but memorable sheath. It was elegant, like many a wedding dress.

This glittery white ensemble was very '60s, in terms of the hair, makeup, and dress. If she wants to be a throwback bride, she could go this route.

White lace paired with a beehive and glittery eyebrows is not exactly bride-like, but this is Gaga we're talking about.

Here's four recent Gaga rocker tee looks, demonstrating her dark side.

She was a bombshell, thanks to her locks, while draped in a Pink Floyd tee.

Does this shirt look familiar? The singer is all about heavy metal band Iron Maiden!

Gaga summoned the '90s with a classic Nirvana shirt.

Remember what I said about being all about Maiden? She has more than one Maiden tee!

I love the fact that the singer can take a basic and vintage concert shirt and incorporate it into a high fashion photo shoot. That, my friends, is what makes her such a revered fashion icon.

She is always outrageous.

But it's when she pulls off the unexpected that I stop and bow down.

Image: CR Fashion Book (1); Lady Gaga/Instagram (7)