Kate Hudson's IG Pics Are Makeup-Free Fitspiration

So many celeb Instagram feeds look like professional photo shoots, with said starlet in full makeup, shot in dramatic lighting while wearing fabulous clothes and being overly (ex)posed. Kate Hudson's Instagram feed, on the other hand, is beyond refreshing since it's relaxed and very real. It is comprised of snaps of the actress doing her thing, without paying too much attention to the camera.

Most of Hudson's photos are makeup-free and find the actress in casual athleisure attire, which makes sense, since she has designed a range of Fabletics workout clothes and exercises frequently.

It's like Hudson is aware that the paparazzi documents most of her moves in the media, so her IG represents who she is IRL. It's her feed, so she's in control of what we see and what we don't. I like that she posts more no makeup selfies than Demi Lovato, who has her "Makeup Free Monday" thing.

Hudson's IG feed is the antithesis of a Kardashian's; you won't find any posed mirror selfies, like that of Kylie Jenner. It's decidedly unglam, which is fine. We can look at tons of red carpet photos of the actress and mom-of-two when in need of a glam fix.

Her Instagram is a source of inspo to be natural, fit, and healthy. We see her working out, as opposed to just what she wears to work out.

Here are 12 Instagram photos of Hudson being real, without pretense or crazily contoured cheekbones, and living her life.

1. Bun Fun

No makeup, no problem! Hudson and her BFF were bonding while rocking buns and workout gear.

2. Puppy Love

The actress and her pooch got their workout on!

3. All Natural

Hudson cradled her godson while looking like she woke up like this! She was fresh-scrubbed but showed off that toned abdomen.

4. Dare To Bare

The usually boho chic actress was just as stunning without a lick of product on her face.

5. Throwing One Back

Hudson was roughing it with a beer while au naturel.

6. She Always Has The Best Bedhead

Her bedhead is always the best. But check her out in a bright yellow hoodie and how she looks without a drop of makeup.

7. Mickey Mouse Hands

Doesn't Hudson seem like the best godmother/aunt/mom ever? She seems like so much fun and like such a goofball who is extremely interested in having a good time.

8. Effortless

Look! More bun fun. Her beauty and spirit come across as so effortless and so real.

9. Who Needs Eye Makeup?

Hudson was bare-faced on a plane. Even when posing with a lipsticked Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hudson's naked eyes were the focal point of this pic.

10. Ready Or Not

Okay, so she was getting done up here. But she still shared a "during" and not an "after" shot.

11. Mommy Mode

Hudson was surrounded by her sons, while totally makeup-less. She still glowed!

12. Practicing What She Preaches

The actress and designer was inspired by those who wear her Fabletics pieces! How's that for awesome?

Clearly, Hudson doesn't wear a full face of makeup when she is hanging with friends and family. She keeps it real and lets her natural beauty be seen while allowing her skin to breath.

Images: Kate Hudson/Instagram (12)