H&M Releases "Close The Loop" Eco-Friendly Denim LIne That Will Rid You Of Any Shopping Guilt

Sadly, summer is on its way out, but that means one positive thing — fall fashion. And H&M's new eco-friendly denim collection is perfect for adding some (figurative) green to your wardrobe. The collection, called Close The Loop, will launch this September, and is part of H&M's overall eco-friendly initiative, which means all pieces in the line use as much recycled textile as possible. Makes you want to go shopping, doesn't it?

"H&M wants to create a closed loop for its textiles, in which the fabrics from unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones," according to a press release sent to Bustle. "The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, by limiting waste production of fabric."

This specific collection, which includes pieces for men, women, and children, is made from a combination of recycled and organic cotton. All of the eco-friendly textiles are actually straight from H&M's Garment Collecting program, which means that the clothing you may have donated to your local store helped make your next pair of jeans. Pretty cool!

“Creating a closed loop for textiles, in which unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones, will not only minimize textile waste, but also significantly reduce the need for virgin resources as well as other impacts fashion has on our planet," Karl-Johan Persson, CEO of H&M, said in the press release.

This is definitely not H&M's first step toward becoming a greener brand. Just last year, Olivia Wilde was named the face of H&M's Conscious Collection, making the line the definition of environmentally-friendly chic. The Conscious Collection was made entirely of organic and sustainable materials, from hemp to linen.

Take a look at some of the items from Close the Loop.

Grey Distressed Denim

Frayed Jeans With A Unique Pattern

'70s-Chic Overalls

Statement-Making Jumpsuit

Denim Bomber With A Sustainable Twist

Images: Courtesy H&M