Will Liz & Austin Date After 'Big Brother 17'? Their Fellow Houseguests Sure Don't Think So

Forget Shelli and Clay, because all eyes are on another showmance: Austin and Liz from Big Brother 17 . What started out as an obsession on Austin's side and flirting as part of Liz's gameplay, the relationship between Liz and Austin has seemingly turned into a full-fledged romance. That's right, Liz likes Austin and the professional wrestler with the beard ponytail is loving every minute of it. What does this mean? Will Liz and Austin date after BB17?

There's always a chance that a Big Brother showmance will turn into something serious outside of the house. I mean, look at Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon. However, I have a feeling Austin and Liz's coupling won't last too long outside of the house — that is, if they even start dating. Guess what? Pretty much all of their fellow houseguests agree with me. That's right, the BB17 players don't think Austin and Liz will be a thing when the game ends.

Take Johnny Mac and Steve, who had a conversation about it on Tuesday. They both think Liz is just having fun and isn't taking it as serious as Austin is. There was also a previous conversation between James, Jackie, and Meg, and James and Jackie wholeheartedly believe Austin and Liz won't take their romance outside of the game.

Heck, even Liz once said she isn't ready for a commitment:

However, that could all change, because Liz seems to like Austin more and more as the competition continues. Hello, she even chose Austin over Julia for the Power of Veto competition! What's that all about? Whatever the case, in my opinion, she would be best off not getting too serious with Austin. Liz, let's keep it all fun and games. I have a feeling Julia would agree with me, or, you know, make this face if her sister and Austin dated after BB17:

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS