PaperRater Site Grades Your Papers For You, And Even Teachers Are Getting Pumped About It

Listen up, students of the world, because there is a site that will grade your paper, find any potential plagiarism, point out your grammar mistakes and, for all intents and purposes, save your ass during finals week: PaperRater. With the start of the school year fast approaching, you need this find in your life sooner rather than later. It's not even the grading aspect that appeals to me, so much as the grammar checker. Like, can you imagine having your own personal proofreader? That's what I've been dreaming of. (There's a 100 percent chance that I put this article into PaperRater just because I wanted to see what a professor would give me.)

During finals week, have you ever sent your paper to a friend or even a parent to get their opinion and a second proofread? In theory, it works out perfectly, but you could save them the hassle and just plug it into PaperRater instead. AP classes are about to get so much easier, as is midterm week and possibly college applications.

I'm a little bitter that this didn't exist when I was in college, but I guess that's what my parents thought when they saw me on Spark Notes. So, seeing as I didn't actually read all of Hamlet, I guess I have no right to judge the students who are going to now stop proofreading their papers. Here's what Twitter has to say about PaperRater:

S/O To Anyone Taking Summer Classes

Even Professors Are Giving It The Thumbs Up


Sharing This Site Is Pretty Much The PSA Of 2015

If You're Considering Using Paper Rater, It Will Help You Out On These Fronts

  1. Grammar And Spellcheck
  2. Proofreading
  3. A Potential Grade
  4. Plagiarism

Ross Geller would be so thrilled by this website.

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