Do Kaitlyn and Shawn Want Kids? There Will Be More 'Bachelorette' Babies Before You Know It

I am a very jaded person when it comes to Bachelor and Bachelorette relationships. Yes, I know that (very) occasionally, they work out. Just look at Trista and Ryan, who have been married for more than a decade. Desiree and Chris. Sean and Catherine. Happily ever after at the hands of Chris Harrison really exists, I just tend not to believe in it. But this time, things are definitely different. As soon as Kaitlyn Bristowe chose Shawn Booth on this year's Bachelorette finale, I was convinced: If anyone was going to make it work, it's going to be these two. They have chemistry, they've already worked through real life relationship issues like jealousy and trust, and they're so freaking beautiful to look at. For once, I'm fully convinced that a Bachelorette couple is actually going to live happily ever after, white picket fence, kids, and all. And, um, speaking of kids? Before I get too excited, do Shawn and Kaitlyn want children?

If you've been rooting for them like I have (aka imagining the adorable nursery these two would come up with), I have good news for you: Shawn and Kaitlyn are definitely planning on having kids, and from what they've said already, it sounds like they will be arriving soon — and they will be arriving in large numbers.

Of course, this isn't surprising. While on The Bachelor vying for Chris Soules, Kaitlyn was always open about the fact that she's ready to get married and start a family, bird-fearing children included. Fortunately, though, those children aren't with Chris (who clearly wasn't right for her). I mean, no offense to Chris, who is obviously a good looking dude in his own way, but I'd way rather reproduce with Shawn. And in one of their first interviews with People as a real life public couple, Shawn and Kaitlyn revealed that they're already planning for their future.

"I have such baby fever," Kaitlyn told the mag in July. "I want four. Shawn wants five. And I hope to God I have all boys." And of course, Shawn, the perfect human specimen that he is, chimed in that he'd like to have one girl "that looks like her mom."

OK, I'm dead. Shawn, if it doesn't work out with Kaitlyn, please call me instead.

Is there a chance that they, like Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray who came before them, will announce their breakup by the time the next season of The Bachelor premieres? Absolutely, but I'm choosing to ignore that chance. Instead, I'm thinking about kids. Lots of kids who look like their ridiculously gorgeous parents. Guys, can you get this thing going?! Like, yesterday?

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