Demi Lovato's 10 Best Fashion Moments On Instagram Prove She's Not Only A Body Positive Role Model, But A Serious Fashion One, Too

It's no secret that Demi Lovato is a serious inspiration to many, from opening up about her eating disorder, to being honest about her drug addiction. It's this type of openness and encouragement for others that makes her such a good role model, but did you also know that Demi Lovato is also a huge inspiration for fashion and style? Scroll through her Instagram, and you'll find her rocking every type of style, from cut out crop tops, to floral dresses, to leather moto jackets. This girl is not afraid to experiment.

The best part of her feed is her unapologetic attitude when it comes to showin' off her body—Demi's Instagram is full of body-positive messages. I'll have her caption, "don't train to be skinny, train to be a #badass" forever imprinted on my memory. Cause like, haters 'gon hate, but Demi's over here doing her own thing.

And don't even get me started on the Cool For The Summer music video. Can I get a hell yeah to black bodysuits, leather shorts, and those lace up shoes? I think I've died and gone to badass fashion heaven. With Demi at the gates welcoming me. Of course, let's not forget the infamous bikini top that sent the world going cray. (Guys, it's just boobs.) And lastly, the faux red fur coat with the Agent Provocateur swimsuit? Mmhmm.

There is literally nothing Demi won't try to rock, and I seriously admire her for that. From blacks, creams, leathers, mints, to leather, suede, floral, she isn't afraid to mix it up, and here are my 10 favorite fashion moments on Demi's Instagram. Which, by the way, is like eye candy heaven for style lovers.

1. This Leather Shell Top

Ariel from The Little Mermaid called Lagerfeld and was basically like, "hey, do you wanna collaborate? I'm gonna have to borrow some feet to get to your office, though."

2. This Quirky Chanel

After seeing the classic Chanel bag splashed everywhere, it's nice to get a breath of fresh air. I love a good vintage Chanel, and paired with that crazy-colorful dress, it's basically a colorful fashion lover's Nirvana.

3. This Floral Jumpsuit & Amazing Message

So this is a pretty famous Instagram of hers, but I just had to include it because of her incredible love your curves message. Doesn't hurt that her long-sleeved floral romper is adorable, especially paired with those metallic silver pumps and bright yellow handbag. Definitely not afraid of color!

4. These Matching Separates

She's definitely cool for the summer in this see what I did there?

5. Ring Game Strong

Accessories and nails on fleeeeek.

6. This Blazer

Menswear notes and a great hat. Could it get any better?

7. Can't Go Wrong With Feathers

I mean, how can I even caption this??

8. This Flower Power Look

Totally nailed the chunky boot and sundress look.

9. This Pop Of Neon

LOVE this bright look that's both sexy and sophisticated.

10. The Onesie

Because she isn't afraid to be herself and make people laugh. That—my friend—is what being a true role model is.

Images: @ddlovato/Instagram (10)