8 Amy Schumer Instagram Pics That Show The Actress Really Has This Living Life Thing Figured Out — PHOTOS

I think us humans (particularly those of us who are twenty-somethings) can all agree that adulthood is not as wonderful as it seemed back when we were naïve teens, unable to drink alcohol legally and sick of our parents telling us what to do. But, on the bright side, there are still those people out there who give us hope that things will eventually get a little bit more wonderful. People like comedian Amy Schumer — a lady who shows us maybe one day we, too, can achieve a level of zen that lets us live without obsessing over where we're going or what other people think. You know, when the student loans end, our acne clears up, and we find a decent person to date who isn’t also dating seven other people. *Grumbles*

Anyway, back to Schumer, who has been evidently living her absolute best life. At the moment, I cannot think of a better person to look up to for sage advice and life guidance than her. Especially because she shows us just how well the whole living thing is going on her Instagram account, which, as you probably guessed, is just as comical as she is. Apparently, everything is fun when life is this good.

Here are eight Amy Schumer Instagrams that prove she has this life thing figured out:

1. She Eats Pasta Whilst Burrowed In Blankets

My hero.

2. She's Under The Rule Of A Royally Adorable Toddler

A monarchy I can support.

3. She Casually Chills With LeBron James

Nbd. It's cool.

4. She Gets Cakes Like These In Her Honor

Hopefully, she got to eat it all by herself, too.

5. She Chills With Cool Dogs

How do I get into this friend group?

6. She Was The Answer To A Question On Jeopardy!

She can pretty much just retire at this point.

7. She Spent Valentine's Day The Only Way Anyone Should

*Hands up in praise emoji*

8. And, She's Got The Whole Cooking Thing Down Pat

Hanging on the floor with a cat is better than cooking anyway.

Almighty Schumer, please teach me your ways.