11 People Share Their Biggest Kissing Turn-Offs

Kissing is my least favorite part of a hookup. For me, two aspects come into play in a bad makeout session, which my partners usually lack: personal hygiene and technique. Personal hygiene means that if I'm kissing you, you definitely should've brushed your teeth recently and not reek of alcohol or cigarettes. Because most of my hookups happen in settings where we've both been partying, these factors usually don't come together. As for technique, kissing is one thing that tends to get better over time with the same partner. Everyone has different preferences for how they want to be kissed, and being a good kisser is all about fine tuning your pace, rhythm, and movements to suit your partner.

We've all had makeout horror stories. My most memorable one occurred during my junior year of high school, with a guy I had just started dating. I knew he was inexperienced, but I was determined to help guide him into kissing better. The moment finally came for our first french kiss. I leaned in slowly, closed my eyes, and felt the top of his lip hit the bottom of my nose. I looked down and realized he had opened his mouth as wide as he could. He had swallowed my face. I made up an excuse suggested we move on to other activity.

But it looks like I'm not alone with my kissing pet peeves. I spoke with 11 people about their biggest turn-offs during a makeout session, because cigarette breath is never sexy:

1. *Iza, 20:

"I kissed this one guy who darted his tongue back and forth in my mouth really quickly, like an iguana! It was so weird and not sexy at all."

2. *Jan, 22:

"When their breath reeks of alcohol."

3. *Mika, 25:

"Cigarette breath."

4. *Lea, 21:

"When they open their mouth WAY too wide and they like swallow me."

5. Chelsey, 22:

"When they do their own rhythm instead of letting us go with the flow."

6. *Mclean, 25:

"Bad breath."

7. *Ryan, 20:

"When they have gum in their mouth while we're kissing."

8. *Jake, 21:

"When they try to bite my lip. I don't know who told them that was a good idea, but it's a big turn-off."

9. *Michael, 22:

"Kisses that are too slobbery."

10. Marie, 30

"When they tease with their tongue too much. Like come on, let's just makeout now."

11. *James, 24:

"When I pull away and have lipstick all over my face."

*Names have been changed

Images: Fotolia; Giphy