'90s Jessica & 2015 Jessica Are Totally Different

by Michelle McGahan

It's already been established that Jessica Simpson is the most relatable pop star of the early 2000s (natch), but everyone's favorite buxom blonde has changed a lot since the days of "I Wanna Love You Forever" and "Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?" For one, she's not that same teen from Texas competing with the Britneys and Christinas of the world (though she could clearly hold her own with that killer voice of hers). And she's also not the same person who couldn't exactly grasp the concept of "Chicken of the Sea." In fact, late '90s/early 2000s Jessica Simpson may be classified as more innocent and naive, but 2015 Jessica Simpson means business. Like, literal business.

Not only has the 35-year-old addressed the sexism of Newlyweds ("They'd never show me having an intellectual conversation," she once told Cosmopolitan. "You see a lot of depth in Nick. And me, it's just spending too much money and not knowing how to do housework"), she now owns a literal fashion empire (those dollar signs don't lie) and has proved her intelligence and business-minded outlook time and time again. How has Jessica Simpson changed from the '90s to now? Just take a look below.

Then: Powerhouse Pop Star

Where would we be without Jessica Simpson's power ballads of the late '90s and early 2000s? Her first single "I Wanna Love You Forever" catapulted her debut album to go 2x platinum. And her version of "Take My Breath Away" (obviously my ringtone for a small period in high school) helped her third CD go triple platinum.

Now: Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

In addition to the fact that her clothing company is worth $1 billion, it's also equally important that her brand is one of the only ones that carries shoes that fit my tiny little size 5 feet.

Then: Married To Nick Lachey

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nick Lachey choking up when he sees Jessica Simpson walk down the aisle at their wedding is forever my #HusbandGoals, and the two singers were totally Barbie and Ken come to life.

Now: Married To Eric Johnson

After divorcing Lachey in 2005, Simpson settled down with former NFL player Eric Johnson, whom she married in 2014.

Then: Newlyweds Reality Star

Watch the video above for the theme song alone, which will probably make you sob uncontrollably (or is that just me?). Back before Jersey Shore and Teen Mom were things, MTV gave us the gift that was Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

Now: Mom Of These Two Cuties

There is no reality show documenting Simpson's life with her now-hubby Eric Johnson, but her Instagram account does work some wonders. And the couple's adorable kids Drew Maxwell, 3, and Ace Knute, 2, are some of the most photogenic little babies around. My heart.

Then: Wondered If Tuna Was Chicken Or Fish

Before the Internet was there to make this go viral, word-of-mouth did a pretty good job.

Now: Is Too Busy Being Crazy Successful To Even Care

Between a flourishing career as a fashion designer (I mentioned the $1 billion company, right? Because Jessica Simpson's clothing company is worth more money than God), a happy and adorable family, and an eventual return to music (*crosses fingers*), Jessica Simpson is too busy being successful in all different areas of her life to even think about that ditzy thing she happened to say that one time. *hair flip emoji for days*