5 Ways To Make Your Eyebrows Look Thicker After Hitting The Tweezers Too Hard

Bold eyebrows are definitely trending this fall, and if you're not naturally bushy-browed or recently had a seriously problematic date with your tweezers, no problem. Try out these 5 ways to make your eyebrows look thicker and you'll have gorgeous, thick brows that look oh-so-natural. Follow these simple and painless strategies for full arches that even Cara Delevingne would be proud of.

Beyond achieving thicker brows, Bustle has a whole slew of tips for the perfect pair. Learn how to make your brows straight, fix common shaping mistakes, and grow them out elegantly.

I once made the mistake of letting my definitely not-professional-brow-shaping friend tweeze my brows. I was basically left with Edith Piaf style lines instead and looked eternally surprised. Fortunately, I learned how to fill in my brows like a pro and am stoked to help you out, too!

Whether you're recovering from a massive shaping mistake or just want to give your natural brows a little vava-voom, these strategies are perfect for you. Good luck!

1. Coconut Oil

Oh come on, don't act surprised. You knew magical coconut oil would be on this list. Style Craze claims, if applied before bed each night, the oil will create new brow growth. Sweeeeeet!

2. Makeup

This eyebrow tutorial using makeup will leave you mesmerized! The steps are super easy to follow, and this is the video I turned to most after my own eyebrow shaping mishap.

3. Castor Oil

According to Natural News, a longterm way to cause brow growth is by rubbing a small amount of caster oil on them each day. It's a very shiny oil when applied, so a little goes a long way! (NOW Solutions Castor Oil, $9.62, amazon.com)

4. A Healthy Diet

To keep hair everywhere growing swiftly and healthily, make sure you are getting enough vitamins. Always aim to put as many colors on your plate as possible, or just dump a ton of fruits and veggies into a giant smoothie everyday!

5. Eye Shadow & Mascara

The ultimate strategy for girls that want full brows now and don't want to buy any new makeup. You're welcome.

Image Credit: Foundry; AlyssaForever, FaraMAli/YouTube, shaylibrianne/Instagram