When you mix a model who lives her life to the fullest, a pop star husband, and a camera together, you never know what you're going to get. Chrissy Teigen got pierced at Jacquie Aiche, and even though her husband John Legend was there to serenade her during the process, she definitely had a strong reaction to the pain.

Known for being completely honest and open about her life, Teigen is always willing to try something new and have a little fun. She documented her most recent piercing via video for all of Instagram to see. The model got pierced at a Los Angeles-based salon with Legend and her friend and stylist Anita Patrickson to provide support. The gold ear cuff looks to be her fifth hole, but it is nothing compared to the three cartilage piercings that she got at once last time she went under the gun.

The video picks up right as the piercing process begins, and she doesn't seem to be enjoying it. Although her husband was singing in the background, her facial expressions and gestures seem to show anything but approval. Just when you thought the model couldn't get any more real, she's back at it again.

She may have a lot of piercings, but Teigen is anything but obsessed with bling. Often showing up at awards shows with no accessories at all, the model only pulls out her best pieces occasionally. It might not be often that the star steps out in head-to-toe embellishment, but when she does, it's always on-point.

1. Bold Bracelets

Proving that less is more, the star looked classy in her all-gold jewelry. Of course she looked glam while scarfing down some tasty looking food.

2. Unique Necklace

Although she doesn't hit the red carpet with necklaces often, she chooses the most unique pieces to complement her look. This choker with a dangling chain is just as special as Teigen is.

3. Oversized Sunnies

No matter the season, the model is always rocking awesome frames., from bright blue aviators to these hexagon-shaped beauties.

4. Hair Clips

She stepped onto the ESPYs red carpet with a gold comb tucked behind her ear, showing that she's as fashion-forward as it gets.

5. Quirky Bags

Even down to the small details on her purse, the star stands out. Proving that it's all about the details for this model, the small chain on the brown Chloe Faye bag sets it apart from all the rest.

It might not often that Teigen piles on the accessories, but when she does it's magical.