12 Surprising Accomplishments By 'BB's Vanessa

From the start of Big Brother 17, Vanessa Rousso quickly made a big impression. Vanessa's fellow contestants soon realized that she was brilliant and an expert con-artist and knew that she would be a big threat in the house. But what her fellow houseguests don't realize is just how big of a threat Vanessa poses to her Big Brother castmates. Big Brother 's Vanessa Rousso has a number of accomplishments under her belt and I bet that if her housemates knew just how smart and successful she was, they'd be a lot more insistent on getting her out.

That Vanessa is a strategic genius is no secret. Over time, her BB housemates have realized just how many evictions she has had a hand in and, though she's been on everyone's radar for quite some time, she keeps managing to weasel her way into staying.

I haven't been a big fan of Vanessa for a long time now; I don't deal well with those who are overly-emotional. However, learning about all of Vanessa's accomplishments have made me like her a lot more and she just might be pulling ahead in my book. She's brilliant and she is playing her fellow houseguests like a fiddle. You go, Vanessa.

1. She Has Won $4.5 Million In Her Poker Career

That $500,000 probably seems like chump change to her.

2. She Graduated From Duke

Clearly she's smart but I didn't realize she was Duke smart.

3. She Went To Law School

Hence why she excels at logic and strategy.

4. She Ranks In The Top 5 Women In Poker History In Terms Of Winnings

Pretty damn impressive.

5. She's A 'Sex Symbol' In The Poker Game

Good for her.

6. She Was Valedictorian Of Her High School

Can't say I'm surprised by this one.

7. She Graduated Early From Duke After 2.5 Years

So impressive. Her 2.5 years to graduate from college was the shortest amount of time anyone has ever graduated from Duke University.

8. She Was In The Top 5% Of Her Law School Class

But she didn't graduate because of poker.

9. She's Been Playing Poker Forever

She's played poker since she was five years old.

10. Her Highest Poker Payday Was $749,467 In 2009

I won't feel quite so bad for her if she gets evicted after finding that out.

11. She Has Been Featured In Sports Illustrated and Maxim

Who would've thought?

12. She's Regarded As One Of The World's Sexiest Poker Players

According to lists by Maxim and Bleacher Report.

Even though her houseguests might not realize it, Vanessa is in Big Brother to win it and she has the smarts and the strategy to win. They better take her out as soon as they can.

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