If You're +Size With Small Boobs, You'll Get This

It's not exactly a secret that individuals who are female-presenting are often faced with some pretty rough critiques in regards to how we look, and that includes plus size women with small boobs. This type of shaming is arguably especially real for those who are non-conforming in some way (whether by choice or otherwise) in terms of what society considers conventionally attractive. Bodies are unfortunately viewed on a "moral compass," if you will, used to gauge how "good" or "bad" someone is as a human depending on what they look like. Fat bodies in particular are regularly assigned to the "bad" end of the spectrum because of all of the negative connotations placed onto fatness itself.

Besides the general fat shaming and body shaming that happen left, right, and center, body shape shaming is also a very real thing, though. Generally, the more socially accepted fat bodies tend to be those that are simply larger versions of a commonly desirable thin body: The hourglass figure with a shapely booty, tiny waist, and big ol' boobs being the first to come to mind.

What if your belly happens to be your biggest physical attribute, though? Or your legs are super chubby? What if you have a double chin, but a rather petite chest? Well, you're usually in for a treat. Not only will you find very little representation for these body types out in the world and the media, but you'll also hear some unsavory comments made in regards to what you have — or sometimes, what you "lack."

If you're a fat person with small boobs, you've probably heard at least one of these obnoxious comments or questions before. To the rest of the world: If you do happen to see a fat babe with small boobs for the first time, please refrain from saying the following.

1. "How are you that fat and still have no boobs?"

Well, I dunno. It's not like people's fat distributes differently individual to individual or anything! This kind of makes me wonder whether the scummy folks who ask this ever actually look at people outside of movies and magazines. If you look at a wide variety of humans in everyday life, you might just notice that we aren't all hourglasses and that we are not merely walking prototypes. I'm this fat and have "no boobs" because it's just the way my body is. Is that really so hard to understand?

2. "Have you considered getting them enhanced?"

From my experience, this one is often thrown around from a variety of people, but especially those who work in the performing world. If you're a plus size person trying to make it into the modeling or acting industries, you'll probably find that there is a fairly unified criteria of what most of these agents go for. "Well yeah, you can be a little bit fat. You don't have the boobs to balance it all out, though. That's nothing a little cosmetic surgery can't fix! Get back to us when you're done!" Yeah, let me just get right on that.

3. "Tits are the only redeemable quality fat chicks have going for them."

Redeemable? Redeemable? Out of all of the sayings on this list, this is what sets me on fire the most. The absolute douchebaggery that escapes from some people's lips is just mind boggling. I have nothing that I need to "make up" for. Fat people do not have to "redeem" themselves by having big ta-tas or plump butts because you're not attracted to them otherwise. We owe you nothing.

4. "According to these measurements, you should fit into a 46DDD!"

Ah yes. There's bound to be at least one time in most tiny ta-ta owners' lives when we have to have our measurements taken, only to hear something like this. The thing is, we shouldn't have to fit into anything — let alone anyone's version of aspirational beauty or of "perfect" figures.

5. "Wearing a push-up bra like that is false advertisement."

The very wording of this statement shows how incredibly problematic some people's views on women are. It makes you wonder whether they even know the definition of advertising — and if they do, what are they insinuating? Women are not products, plain and simple. We are not walking billboards looking to sell you something by merely existing in a way we feel most comfortable. There is nothing "false" about someone giving a little extra va-va-voom to whatever they please. Not everything needs to be done while keeping you in mind, guys.

6. "Why are your boobs so small?"

Oh, I don't know. Perhaps I could go ahead and ask them for you? Honestly, I'm not sure what these people expect to get back as an answer. Maybe they're looking for some mystical story about how I got on the bad side of a voodoo queen or offended a unicorn, but I can assure you that there is no hocus pocus surrounding my wee yabbos.

7. The unspoken words of a fashion industry that treats us as though we don't exist.

There are just some things that don't need to be said for them to be understood. If you're a fat person with small boobs, you'll know what it's like to try to find clothes that fit you in the bust as well as the rest of your body. Tops will often fit your bust, but be too tight on the hips and belly. If you find a perfect fit on the belly, there's bound to be tent action going on up top. We get it, we get it: We need to be fat and have DDD cups to wear your clothes. But, like... Wouldn't it be so nice if you didn't ignore us? We're here. We exist. We want to buy your products, too!

To all the babes who have to endure these comments or any other ones, never forget that you're fantastic — and so are your little boobs, your big ones, or whatever the hell you're working with. It doesn't matter if you're super fat, incredibly thin, have a lot of melanin, hardly any, if you're hairy all over or baby soft: It's all OK.

What's not OK is to comment on other people's bodies. As soon as we learn that as a society, we'll be a lot better off.

Images: Rebecca Mears