Kelly Osbourne's No Makeup Selfies Are Always Fun

The "no makeup" celeb selfie is so common — basic, even! — nowadays. It's no longer shocking to see starlets with bare faces. "I woke up like this" self-portraits are everywhere. Most recently, Kelly Osbourne's no makeup gym selfie was adorbs. But then again, most of her makeup-less selfies are usually super fun. The outspoken reality star and TV host has a unique look, thanks to the lavender faux hawk she has been recently pumping. But she isn't afraid to get goofy when posting a plethora of makeup-free snaps.

Besides, isn't ditching makeup and posing in your most natural state supposed to be fun?

Osbourne, who has her own clothing line, Stories, has a bit of a pinup girl image and style, thanks to her focus on striking winged liner, statement lips, and her sprinkling of tattoos, including one on her head. So when she dares to bare, it's a beautiful and stark contrast to the familiar Kelly O. signatures.

In her latest makeup-less selfie, Sharon Osbourne's daughter joked that she likes an empty gym when working out so no eyes are on her. I can't say I blame her. Who wants someone watching you sweat and toil while getting in shape? Not me, and not Kelly.

Kelly O. is seriously gorgeous, even when contorting her kisser, which she often uses to spout her opinions, like the recent reveal that she she dislikes her former Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic.

Here's Osbourne with her usually unusual makeup look. Gorge, gorge, gorge! But let's cruise through nine other makeup-less selfies she posted in 2015 like we're speed dating, shall we?

Who needs eyeliner when you can surround your face with... puppies? Duh!

And who needs makeup when you have Chanel hair charms? Osbourne appeared super minimal and natural here, which was a smart choice, since trying to compete with all that fun hair accessorizing would be a futile effort.

Simple is effective when getting your purple hair did.

Sleepytime is no time for eyeliner.

Osbourne actually wakes up pretty nicely, doesn't she? She was wiping the sleep from her eyes but still made love to the camera. Really!

Her updos have always showcased her pretty face. She really is crazy beautiful without any product.

Another gym selfie from earlier this spring. That pink cheek flush has to be the result of working out. See, being fit is great for your skin and visage.

She rocked minimal makeup right, thanks to her headgear and leopard coat.

Wouldn't a dramatic, matte mouth or statement lashes detract from her amazingly adorbs powder puff accessory, which was sitting in her pocket, no less?

Kelly Osbourne's IG feed is a master class in how to do a no makeup selfie! She makes every last one of 'em fun, thanks to her poses, her pooches, and more.

So next time you want to drop a bare-faced selfie into your Instafeed, have a little fun. Pucker. Pout. Be playful. Take some lessons from Kelly O.