9 Items Every Dorm Room Needs To Feel Like Home

by Rebecca Deczynski

Making friends your freshman year of college is pretty intimidating, but if you’re lucky, your randomly assigned dorm room can help you to buddy-up with your floormates from the get-go. All you have to do is leave your door open, be friendly, grab a few college essentials, and decorate so you can make your dorm a hang-out spot everyone will love. From there, it will all be smooth sailing.

Even if you have a single dorm in college, it’s pretty easy to make your room the most hopping place on your floor. Just crank up the perfect dorm room playlist, and get ready for your floormates to pop in. Remember: college is kind of like one giant sleepover if you’re living on campus. It’s time to make the most of that.

The right dorm decorating ideas and party supplies will make your room feel as homey as possible, and will transform it into the ultimate hang-out spot. After all, you could use a few nights in anyway, and turning your solo movie binge into a group event is an easy way to stay social without exerting a ton of effort. So if you’re trying to make a ton of lasting friendships while staying cozy, be sure that your dorm room is stocked with these nine items. You’re in for an amazing semester.

1. Comfortable Seating, Or A Rug

If you want to fit a bunch of people in your room, you're going to have to make it cozy. While most dorm rooms don't have a ton of room for extra seating, you can still make things comfy with a rug and plenty of pillows. Think of it as a giant pillow fort.

2. Mugs And Tea

Most people know to pack at least one mug to bring to college, but that doesn't mean they'll bring that mug everywhere. Make study parties a little less boring by having an extra mug and tea on hand to serve your study buddy. Or, invite the floor over, tell them to BYOM (bring your own mug), and have a tea party!

3. Deck Of Cards

Let's be honest here: all the best drinking games require a deck of cards. But having a deck on hand will be fun even if you're sober.

4. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity, $25, Amazon

You'll be hard-pressed to find a college student who doesn't love this more-adult version of Apples to Apples. Bonus: it's an easy way to make instant friends.

5. Snacks

College students love free food. It's a fact. Just make sure that your friends are replenishing your stockpile of snacks if they're eating them too.

6. Pretty Lights

Because no one likes the harsh glare of fluorescent dorm lighting.

7. Ouija Board (If You Dare)

Sure, bringing a Ouija board to college may convince you that your campus is extremely haunted, but it will also help you make some ghost-loving friends.

8. External Speakers

Your headphones are good enough for solo movie sessions, but when everyone wants to watch Game of Thrones, you'll be glad you maximized your volume potential with extra speakers.

9. Mini Fridge

Everyone will be glad that they have a place to store their leftover Ben and Jerry's, without a doubt.

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