Could Juelia & Mikey Actually Make This Work?

Well, after a rather nightmarish few nights in Paradise, Joe finally got what was coming to him and Juelia might have come out on top. ICYMI: Joe and Sam got into some shady shindigs before the season started. The two allegedly said they'd do whatever they needed to do to get into the game together. "Whatever they needed to do" meant Joe used Juelia for a rose, essentially robbing her of finding someone who was actually going to invest themselves into a potential relationship. So, because Juelia was left high and dry, Bachelor in Paradise brought back Mikey T. to the cast, to give him and Juelia a chance to really — hopefully — find out if they can fall in love with each other, or not.

Personally, it feels a little forced to me. Juelia deserves someone that is nice to her and nice to others. Mikey, just on this season, has proved to be a little rough around the edges. Maybe once he finds the right girl — possibly Juelia — he'll soften up a bit. Despite if feeling a little too orchestrated for me, I am hopeful that Juelia can find whatever it is she is looking for. If that's with Mikey T., great!

So you might be wondering if Juelia and Mikey T. did find love in a hopeless place, and if they are still together. While these two are keeping their lips zipped, there are a few clues that could hint towards happiness.

She Was Excited To Have Mikey Back

This tweet would suggest that Juelia was enthusiastic for Mikey to come back to the show. While this isn't her saying "I'm still dating Mikey," it's not her saying "I hate Mikey like I hate Joe," which is kind of what she did.

Mikey Couldn't Wait To See Juelia

Again, this seems positive, right? Three exclamation points? THREE? "Beautiful inside and out"? Can they be anymore obvious?

Fans Are Shipping Them

OK, so we really don't know if these two are still seeing each other. They've kept a pretty low profile on social media (I'm looking at you, Instagram), but it seems like there's still some good blood between these two. If that means anything, it means they don't hate each other. So there is still hope!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC