Eva Chen's Best Accessory Is Her Signature Apple

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, Instagram can count on its new Head of Fashion Partnerships’ perfect attendance. Eva Chen’s best accessories are her apples, and she rarely starts her morning commute without one in her bag. The pomaceous fruit has become Lucky Magazine ’s former Editor-in-Chief’s staple for all seasons, adding sweetness to every ensemble.

Browsing Instagram on Monday, I came across Vince’s latest upload: a photo of its blush pink tote neighboring a pair of feet in chunky silver platforms. Peeking out of the bag was a shining red apple. I thought to myself, “Oh, how Eva Chen of Vince.” Sure enough, when I took a glance at the image’s caption, it read “going places with @evachen212.” I had to laugh because, really, who else?

Accessories inspired by fruit still emerge from time to time, and once in awhile cherries or watermelon will make their way across T-shirt patterns and loungewear, but Chen’s got the right idea here. Not only are her accessories adorable, they’re edible — not artificial, and never go out of style. After all, gym wear is in nowadays, with athleisure wear coming out of the woodwork. So I'm thinking fruit and veggies could be the next advancement on the accessories market.

I'm not sure she's aware of her level of adorable human, but it's off the charts. Check out 9 times, out of the roughly one million, that Eva Chen's daily snack was the apple on top of her ensemble, and just try telling me she doesn't inspire you to rock your favorite fruit as an accessory.

1. Back-To-School Inspired

Is that apple for Chen's teacher? I imagine she got an A+ in sharing.

2. Platforms And Fruit Servings

Pretty sure Chen's shoes are as thick as her morning snack.

3. Wizard of Oz and Apples

Chen's Eugenia Kim footwear looks to be a little Wicked Witch of the West chic. Could it be that the Head of Instagram's Fashion Partnerships' apple is a souvenir from Oz's magical forest?

4. Square Bag, Round Fruit

Eva Chen: rockin' the fashion industry one shape at a time.

5. Adidas & Apples

...and toucans. Oh my!

6. Color Coordinated

I bow down to Chen for the beauty that is this Instagram photo. The way she strategically places her green apple on top of her hot pink bag to match the color scheme of her New Balance sneaks is pure genius.

7. Pop of Red

Chen claims she loves her Parabellum bag because of its arrow charm, but I'm thinking it's because it's the same shade as her on-the-go snack.

8. Toes and Treats

The fact that Chen's toe nails are apple red makes me giddy. How adorable is she?

9. Sneaks, Snacks, and Backpacks

Everything matchy-matchy. The admiration for this woman is strong.