This High Tech Tool Will Up Your Cocktail Game

As members of a society in which alcohol is social lubricant, party starter, and general thing of interest, we're always striving to drink the best cocktails — which, of course, also means learning how to make the best cocktails. But lest you feel that cocktail making is a fine and precise art that only experienced bartenders have perfect, good news: With the help of MixStik, a brand new mixology tool, you, too, can be a master cocktail and alcoholic beverage maker, capable of filling all your friends, lovers, family members, and even complete strangers with awe.

The MixStix tool is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: A stick helps you mix the perfect cocktail. The way in which it accomplishes this feat, however, is pretty snazzy — it lights up to delineate the correct amount of each ingredient for each cocktail. For example, le'ts say you want to make a tequila sunrise (because it's Friday night, it's summertime, and you can do whatever the heck you want). When you turn on your MixStik and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, you can browse and select a tequila sunrise from the MixStik app and watch the device light up to indicate how much of each ingredient needs to go in. It might glow yellow for the one ounce of tequila, orange for the appropriate amount of orange juice, and red for the grenadine that helps give the drink its name. All you have to do is fill the cup in which you've placed your MixStik with the amount of fluid that corresponds with each color, and voila! You have the perfect drink.

Feeling turnt about making delicious cocktails now? Check out these four other devices to help you make the perfect cocktail every time:

1. Bartender's Roll

If you're a pro at making drinks, you probably have all the essential, classic bartender tools — muddlers, cocktail shakers, jiggers, boards and bitters — but your method of organizing them might leave something to bedesired. Enter the Bartender's Roll, a sort of belt bag for amateur cocktail-makers and experienced bartenders alike. It's little pricey, but it's definitely worth it if you take your craft seriously.

2. Whiskey Rocks

Don't let your straight drinks get watered down with ice cubes! Throw in some cold whiskey rocks to keep your drink chilled and strong.

3. Ultimate Cocktail Bar Tool

Move over, multi-tools of the world — this ultimate cocktail bar tool includes a zester, muddler, knife, reamer, channel knife, jigger, stirrer, strainer, bottle opener, and corkscrew, all in one. A bartender's heaven? I think so.

4. Spherical Ice Cube Tray

People claim that spherical ice cubes melt slower, making them more desirable for cocktails in terms of dilution. Plus, they look super neat and futuristic so you can't go too wrong.

Drink up, everyone!

Images: Crate and Barrel; Jack Rudy Cocktail Co; MoMA Store; Uncommon Goods