15 Achievement Hacks You Need to Know

If you're addicted Kim Kardashian's iPhone game (and who isn't, at this point, especially now that it's available on the computer?) you're probably constantly lacking in stars. They're the hardest things to come by in the game without forking over real money. Fortunately, one of the ways to rack up those free K stars is by unlocking special achievements. These are bonus categories that you can fulfill and win points, energy, and yes, those silvery K stars. You might have even unlocked a few of them already. But instead of accidentally stumbling upon the solution to completing the achievements, I've composed a list of easy ways to quickly fulfill those requirements and get some rewards.

So, what are special achievements? Click the checkmark bubble on the bottom right of the screen, and tap the tab next to "goals." There are 15 total achievements to unlock. They run the gamut from food-related to shopping-related and they're pretty easy to unlock once you understand what they're looking for. Basically, there are certain tasks you need to do to fill the achievement bar to 100 percent. Once you do, you receive the reward, which is usually a K star, some cash, points, and energy.

Plus, you get to complete each achievement five times. So each of the 15 have a potential to unlock at least five total K stars for you. Pretty sweet, I know. So to help you fill your achievement bar, here are some hints on the kinds of tasks you need to complete.


"The first step is to admit you have a problem. The next is to do booze-related things." That's what this achievement hint reads. None of them reveal exactly what you need to do to unlock them, but they all give a clue. To unlock the cash, energy, and star that go along with this prize, you need to start drinking in the game. When you're on a date use your energy to buy the "fancy wine" or "do a shot" when you're at an event. Basically anything having to do with the consumption of alcohol will help your point bar increase to 100 percent and unlock your rewards.


When you're on a date or at an event, choose the functions that have you spend money. Tip your bartender $50, drop $200 on a fancy meal, etc. If you act like you're made of money you'll unlock this prize. Heads up though, there's no star reward for this one, just $25 in cash, five people points, and three lightning bolts. Best to fill the other achievements before circling back to this one.


Win a K star and some cash and energy by completing more shifts at the Kardash boutiques. It's a double bonus because you'll get paid big bucks for your work at the store and you can also quickly unlock this achievement.


Like with the "barfly" achievement, you can unlock this prize by choosing food options while on dates or at events. Spend your energy to complete tasks like "order dessert" or "grab a bite" to get this reward.


This one is a bit more on the vague side, but the golden star icon tells you all you need to know. You rack those up by buying clothes and furniture that also have a golden star in the corner. Buy enough and get rewarded with one K star and a bunch of cash and energy.


I still think dating in this game is totally not worth it, but dating people has one upside in that you can unlock this achievement and earn you one K star. You can also build up your percentage bar by buying things that have a gold heart in the corner (clothes or furniture).


The clue for this one is, "All the things you do when you're in love, but hate seeing others do when you're not." To me, this means when you're on a date choose the options like "kiss" and send your BF/GF a gift every once in awhile. That way, you can earn the energy and K star this achievement promises.


Unleash your inner Paris Hilton and "chit chat" or "make friends" with people when you're at events. If the options sound social in nature, you'll hit this achievement in no time.


"Makeup is the photo shop of real life," Kim's game informs you. My guess is that this achievement is best unlocked by playing around with your avatar's makeup/nail polish and also by clicking things like "check makeup" while at photo shoots. (It's usually the bubble close to the mirror when you're on set.)


Similarly to "The Look" achievement, your best bet is just to shop a lot, check your makeup, and change up your style every once in awhile. When you're on a photo shoot click tasks like "change clothes." Show Kim you're so vain.


Do a lot of movie/TV roles (anything offered at Miramount Studios) and then use your energy on the tasks like "rehearse lines" and "deliver lines." You'll unlock the K star before you know it.


Befriend 10 Kim Kardashian players and win 3 K stars. By far one of the better achievements to unlock, and relatively easy to do so. My guide on how to connect with friends in the game is here, and if you need an extra kontact feel free to add me. My user name is msorren.


"Shop 'til you drop, but not literally," reads the hint for this achievement. That's pretty straight-forward: Buy clothes to win this achievement. It doesn't come with a K star, but buying new outfits can also boost your fan count, so maybe it's all worth it in the end.


When Simon offers you the chance to do a fashion show, say yes and then rock it on the runway to unlock this prize. I'm sorry to say it's a cash and energy-only prize though, no K stars.


When on a photo shoot or movie set complete the tasks that have to do with lights. Examples are "lighting check" and "perfect lighting." Soon you'll be on your way to one more K star and even more cash and energy.

Now that you know what you have to do to unlock these achievements, try playing based on those guidelines. You'll find your ascent to stardom is suddenly way more K star populated. Good luck!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (16)