Has Ashley I. Moved On From Jared Or Nah?

Poor Ashley I., you guys — she’s just so sad all the time. Now that her tears have been absorbed into the Pacific Ocean and have contributed to the melting glaciers and rising tides, it’s time to look at why she was crying (this time) — Jared. Oh, Jared. Ashley’s had a thing for Jared since day one of this season of Bachelor In Paradise, and he sort of let it happen between them until this week, when he kicked her to the curb with the old “I want you to be able to experience other things besides me on this show,” aka the “I want to make it seem like you are free because I want you to be free but really I don’t want to look at you anymore.” Ashley sobbed, as Ashley is wont to do, and the question remains: Is Ashley I. over Jared?

Filming on Bachelor In Paradise wrapped a few months ago, so my answer is, man, I hope so. Ashley vented to Jorge, the Bachelor In Paradise bartender, about the Jared situation, and I would assume that that’s enough therapy to dislodge any ill feelings or strange tendencies. Jorge knows what’s up, you know? But seriously, I really think Ashley is now over Jared. She may be emotional in the moment, but she’s actually very self-aware when it comes to everything else. Today, her tweets look a little something like this:

Her analytical and “behind the scenes” approach to discussing the episodes makes me believe that she’s removed the emotional component from her Jared experience. Also, she's now making jokes about it all — another sign. Filming on these shows is so intense, and I just think that Ashley got all swept up in paradise before coming to her senses. Sure, she “loved” Jared in that moment, but I’m sure she realizes how silly it all looked and shrugs about it now. Ashley, you’ll get your man! And hopefully you won't have to fight an army of crabs to find him.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell