Ben H. Talks Being 'The Bachelor' On 'Good Morning America' & These Quotes Will Make You Fall Deeper In Love

Bachelor Nation is having quite a good day after Monday night brought the news that Ben H. is the next Bachelor. This rumor has been floating around, and then been denied, numerous times in the last few months, but now it has finally been confirmed by ABC, Amy Schumer, and Ben Higgins himself. On Tuesday morning, Ben H was on Good Morning America to talk about everything from his surprise over the decision to what kind of girl is his type, and, in-line with his humble good guy personality, his quotes will melt your heart — and make you wish that Higgens and Schumer would find love with each other. Because, apparently, she's his type.

"I think opportunities like this don’t happen to people like me," Higgins said, echoing his words from Monday night and honestly looking every bit as shellshocked about all of this as anyone would be in his position. That shock just became even more clear when he continued with the adorable anecdote, "Last night, when I was flying here, was my first time in a first class lounge. I had no idea those things existed. I just really want to take the opportunity to do this. I think you can’t pass up on that."

Are you swooning yet? Because I am. Of course, that wasn't the only gem from the interview. Check out these other reveals that will make you fall in love with the 2016 Bachelor if you somehow haven't already.

1. On Kaitlyn's Bachelorette Run

"I think Kaitlyn handled herself really well in a really hard situation. She mentioned at one point that nobody can date 25 people well without making a mistake... I haven’t dated one well. Ever."

2. On His Concerns

"[I’m most nervous about] probably dating 25 people. I don’t think there’s any training for that."

3. On Amy Schumer

"I would love for [Amy Schumer] to come on the season. I think we should push for it. She would make everything extremely interesting. She’s hilarious. She’s been great to the show, and, if she wanted to come out, I would not be against it."

4. On What He's Looking For

"I think in a relationship I’m looking for communication and compassion. I think when two people are joining lives together, there has to be a ton of communication amongst two people."

5. On His Current Plans

"I think just to be fair to myself, I want to take a couple days, process it through, make sure I’ve thought of all the different pros and cons. But, when you really think about it, it’s a really good opportunity."

6. On The Effect Kaitlyn Had On Him

"I think Kaitlyn and I have different personalities and different things that we look for, obviously. She’s with one of my best friends now. I think I did learn a lot from Kaitlyn."

7. On Making Us Swoon

"I promised to always love that person but there’s going to be times when you’re arguing or you don’t agree on things. I think just being able to live life together is what I’m looking for and somebody who’s able to do that."

Humble? Check. Self-effacing sense of humor? Check. Smart? Check. Sweet? Check. It's clear that ABC made a great choice here with making Ben H. the new Bachelor, and here's hoping his season is one of the greatest seasons of the show yet.

Image: Felicia Graham/ABC