Lauren Curtis "Make Up Your Own Rules" Encourages Viewers To Love Themselves – VIDEO

When watching beauty videos online, it's easy to fall into the trap of pretty products and sparkling eye shadows. But then you come across one like Lauren Curtis' "Make Up Your Own Rules," which has a little more to it than just cleansers and kohl eyeliners. YouTube is a powerful tool that reaches viewers across the globe, so what better way is there to spread some good vibes?

I imagine that was YouTube's concept behind partnering with Curtis to help create a short video to encourage viewers to embrace their true selves and encourage confidence and self-esteem. Although the though process probably went a little more like this: millions of people watch YouTube videos everyday, and yes that's great for the brand, but what is it doing for the viewers? Sure, you can get lot's of valuable information from the videos, but it can also be a breeding ground for negative comments and cyber-bullies. Teaming up with a channel that has amassed 3.1 million subscribers and counting, YouTube and Curtis created a 35-second video that addresses those problems, but also sends a super positive, encouraging message straight to each and every person at the other end of the link.

With a little over half a minute, Curtis proves that embracing yourself and loving every part of what makes you, well, you is much more important than any makeup product you could every apply.

Yes, even if that red lipstick truly is the essence of you.

Lauren Curtis on YouTube

1. YouTube Stars Are Just Like You

It can be argued that popular YouTube accounts are just "another piece of the corporate machine," as Deepkia Shewaramani says in an article on beauty gurus for XOJane. Being someone who frequently watches YouTube videos, I can see that very clearly. But beyond the brand pushes and the sponsored videos, there's someone just like you and I sitting in front of that camera. And Lauren Curtis, a vlogger who has yet to have her own beauty brand/novel/collaboration but is still one of the most popular channels in the beauty arena, is one that I truly trust.

2. There's No Place For Cyber-Bullying

It's well established that cyber-bullying is a serious issue online. Many of us have experienced it one way or another. But imagine if you were a internet-celebrity with two million followers and counting, similar to Curtis. I'm sure it's on a whole different level. That being said, YouTube highlights a few positive, encouraging comments in this short video that really stress how just plain nice people can be online. In other words, if you can't say something nice, don't say it at all.

3. Love Every Part Of Yourself...

That being said, it's easy to neglect those loving, generous comments when all you can think about are the negative ones. Unfortunately, it's typically the mean, hurtful things that stay with us most, but in a world like the cyber-sphere, it's important to have a tough skin. And having a tough skin means staying confident and maintaining a high self-esteem because you love every part of yourself. Not your friends, not your followers online, but you. Curtis said it best: "I want each and every one of you to love every version of yourself."

4. ...With, Or Without Makeup

When watching beauty vids, it's easy to get distracted and focus on whether your eyeliner is even on both sides as opposed to how you actually feel about the eyeliner. Just because your favorite YouTube star says eyeliner is the new black doesn't mean you have to embrace it with open arms — especially if you've never been an eyeliner fan to begin with. So, like Curtis says in the video, embrace yourself with or without makeup.

5. "Make Up Your Own Rules"

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, YouTube is encouraging your creativity with this partnership. Don't be afraid to step outside the box, take a path less traveled, or even wear blue eye shadow. Makeup, like a YouTube channel or a blog, is an outlet for creativity. So don't be afraid to, well, make your own rules and do what makes you happy.

Images: Lauren Curtis/YouTube