Nev Schulman In 'We Are Your Friends' Is Proof The 'Catfish' Star & Max Joseph Are Totally Close

There are a ton of celebrity cameos in We Are Your Friends, and most of them have been very publicized. Alesso, Dillon Francis and Them Jeans all made appearances, as did many other DJs and several non-music Hollywood personalities. But the one cameo that hasn't been talked about is my favorite. In a party scene towards the beginning of the film, the camera pans throughout the party goers and pauses for just a moment on a brunette guy with a flawless smile. I would recognize those pearly whites anywhere: it's Nev Schulman, creator of the documentary Catfish and the subsequent MTV show of the same name. So why is there a Nev Shulman cameo in We Are Your Friends ?

Without a doubt, it's because WAYF is the baby of Max Joseph, aka Nev's partner on Catfish. It's no secret that Nev and Max are close — in fact, their camaraderie is a prominent aspect of the Catfish formula. And since this film is Max's directorial debut, it makes sense that he would want his close friend and collaborator to be a part of it. I'm sure it was also a strategic move, given that Nev is hugely popular with the millennial crowd (which is the film's target audience), but it's more fun to think about his involvement as a gesture of true bromance. Here are some other times that Nev and Max showed that they're the two best friends that anybody could have.

When They Shared A Genuine Laugh


You know it's real friendship when your bud lets you put the weight of your head on their shoulder.

When They Celebrated A Catfish Victory


Ostensibly, the boys just made some discovery which is going to crush someone's fantasy love life.

When Nev Woke Up Max Ever So Gently


I mean, I'd be fine with waking up that way.

When They Shared An Eyeroll Over A Lady Friend


Definitely not staged. Definitely not.

When Max Got Nostalgic


Look at that bashful smile Nev gives in reaction...PRESH.

When They Playfully Threw Things At Each Other


Real talk: is anybody else bothered by the fact that Max's shoes are on the bed?

When They Shared A Bench


Oh look, there's a spot in the middle that's exactly my size...

Nev and Max are so charming together that it doesn't even bother me that one of them is almost always wearing a purple shirt. Knowing the background of their friendship make's Nev's appearance in We Are Your Friends way more meaningful. Even though it was just a discreet cameo, seeing Nev was definitely a memorable (and very meta) moment in the film, so be sure to catch a glimpse of him when you see WAYF.

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