Kim Kardashian Beat Out Beyonce For Most Popular Instagrammer, But They're Still Social Media Twins

Beyoncé still holds the title of The Queen of All, in my opinion, but she's no longer The Queen of Instagram. That’s right, everyone, Kim Kardashian is the most popular Instagrammer, beating out 'Yonce for the title and coming in at just over 44 million followers while Bey sits tight at 44 million. It’s no wonder that these two are in such a close running for the title, because not only are they both mega famous, they also twin on Instagram quite often.

From posting the most amazing OOTDS to sharing their Vogue covers with their millions of followers, Bey and Kim K post very similar photos to their accounts. So, if you’re into fashionable, powerful women, you should definitely give both of these ladies a follow. And because they’ve been known to twin, I wouldn’t be surprised if these two keep swapping the number one spot. I can’t wait to watch it all go down! Who will post the most interesting pic to gain more followers? Only time will tell, and I’ll be here counting the minutes.

Check out these seven times that Beyoncé and Kardashian have basically twinned on their favorite social media platform. As far as who has the most followers, may the best woman win!

1. Barely There Dresses

Here's how Yoncé does the naked dress.

And here's the Kardashian version.

2. Power Couple Status

You don't get much more power couple-y than Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Or Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

3. Heli Pic

Nothing like snapping a selfie on a helicopter.

Helicopter pics all around when you live life in the fab lane.

4. Look-Alikes

This couple likes to give shout-outs to their look alikes.

And so does this one.

5. No Makeup

She's the greatest at chilling with no makeup on.

But, this Selfie Queen's not so bad herself.

6. Courtside Style

Why not do it up when it comes to fashion at a basketball game, you know?

Kim K would have to agree.


Of course, the infamous OOTD.

Gotta show off that outfit, you know?

Nobody does it like these ladies (except for each other), and that's why they'll continue to battle it out.